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L'étude Du Bureau De La Concurrence Sur L'industrie Des Services Internet À Large Bande Offre Un « Portrait Plutôt Encourageant »
Le 7 août 2019, le Bureau de la concurrence du Canada a publié les résultats de son étude de marché d'un an sur la concurrence dans l'industrie des services Internet à large bande.
15 Aug 2019
Entreprises numériques, méfiez-vous! Vous pourriez être tenues responsables de la violation de la Loi anti-pourriel par autrui
On dirait bien que l'autorité chargée de réprimer les pourriels et logiciels malveillants au Canada cherche à vous enrôler de force.
14 Nov 2018
Digital Businesses Beware: You Could Be Liable For The Anti-Spam Violations Of Others
You may be your brother's keeper after all, according to Canada's spam and malware watchdog.
9 Nov 2018
Government Agencies Clarify Roles Under Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
In an effort to coordinate their potentially overlapping mandates, the three agencies charged with enforcement of Canada’s new anti-spam law have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) dealing with cooperation and sharing of information among the agencies.
16 Feb 2014
Government Asks CRTC To Report On "Pick And Pay" Television
As a first step in acting on its Throne Speech promise that it would require television channels to be unbundled, the Canadian government has requested the CRTC to produce a report on how Canadians can be provided with the greatest ability to obtain television services on a "pick and pay" basis, while best meeting the objectives of the Broadcasting Act
26 Nov 2013
Government Promises Better Wireless Pricing, TV Channel Choice - But Not Clear How
The Canadian government has promised a number of consumer-friendly changes to the way that broadcasting and wireless telephone services are offered, although it remains to be seen precisely how such changes will be affected.
23 Oct 2013
Performers And Makers Of Film Soundtracks Not Entitled To Broadcast Royalties
Under section 19 of the Copyright Act, performers and makers of sound recordings are entitled to remuneration when their recordings are performed or telecommunicated to the public.
24 Jul 2012
2011 In Review - Top 10 Technology & IP Law Developments
The arrival of 2012 marked the end of a year filled with numerous developments in technology and IP law.
25 Jan 2012
French-Language Pay-TV Competition: Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest?
French-language television viewers hoping for the option of a second national pay-television channel will not be getting their wish anytime soon, as the CRTC recently announced that it would not open up the French-language general interest pay television service genre to competition due to a lack of applicants for a new service.
30 Nov 2011
CRTC's Vertical Integration Decision In Broadcasting Proposes Controls On Vertically-Integrated Broadcasters
On February 1, 2011, the Competition Bureau issued a statement in respect of the proposed acquisition of CTVglobemedia Inc. by BCE Inc.
8 Nov 2011
CRTC Says No Regulation For "Over-The-Top" Programming - At Least For Now
Internet-based broadcast content providers can breathe a bit easier following an announcement by the CRTC that it has no immediate plans to impose regulatory obligations on "over-the-top" (OTT) providers such as Netflix, nor to reduce any of the obligations that currently apply to regulated broadcasters and distributors in response to the growing competition from OTT services.
14 Oct 2011
Where Does Copyright Law End And Broadcasting Regulation Begin? Supreme Court To Hear Appeal On "Value For Signal"
The long road for local broadcasters wanting to charge fees to cable and satellite companies for rebroadcasting their signals just got a little longer.
6 Oct 2011
UPDATE - CRTC Issues Standstill "Policy" On Carriage Agreements
Subsequent to our original post, the CRTC issued a clarification to Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2011-415, indicating that, in fact, broadcasting undertakings are not prevented from renegotiating the rates, terms and conditions of pre-existing carriage agreements, whether expired or otherwise.
20 Jul 2011
CRTC Issues Standstill "Policy" On Carriage Agreements
In an attempt to preserve the status quo leading up to its decision on the regulatory framework for vertical integration in the broadcasting industry, the CRTC has indicated that existing carriage arrangements between broadcasters and distributors should remain in place for now.
18 Jul 2011
CRTC Puts "Over-The-Top" Programming Under The Microscope
The CRTC has initiated a public proceeding to allow interested parties to comment on the implications for the Canadian broadcasting system of the increasing consumption of Internet-delivered programming in Canada – but has urged them to back up their assertions with any applicable data.
31 May 2011
CRTC Requires DTH Providers To Carry More Local Television Services
In a revision to its regulatory framework for direct-to-home (DTH) satellite distribution undertakings, the CRTC has required DTH providers to carry additional local television stations, although the nature of the obligation varies among providers.
9 May 2011
Elections Canada Warns Social Media Users Not To Post Election Results
Should social media users be prevented from communicating election results from Atlantic Canada to users in Western Canada, where polls are still open? That question is at the heart of both a pending court challenge and a growing user revolt.
3 May 2011
Supreme Court To Consider Whether ISPs Are Broadcasting Undertakings
The Supreme Court of Canada has announced that it will hear an important "convergence" case respecting regulatory treatment of Internet access to broadcasting content.
7 Apr 2011
CRTC Considering Relaxing Prohibition On Broadcasting Misleading News.
In a Broadcasting Notice of Consultation issued on January 10, the CRTC indicated that it is seeking comments for the amendment of several regulations to allow for more leeway in broadcasting false or misleading news.
1 Feb 2011
CRTC Issues New Policies On Cross-Media, Television And BDU Ownership
On January 15, 2008, Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, issued new policies respecting cross-media, television and broadcast distribution.
26 Feb 2008
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