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Insurance fraud – recovery of exemplary damages - UK case
There seems no reason why NZ courts would not take a similar approach to the United Kingdom for serious insurance fraud.
New Zealand
12 Oct 2018
Defective earthquake repairs: successful appeal of Robin v IAG: joinder of parties to the proceeding
The case confirmed the underlying rule of joinder of parties as the "pragmatism of avoiding a multiplicity of hearings".
New Zealand
10 Oct 2018
Statutory demand set aside on appeal
A High Court judgment and a statutory demand for outstanding claims for landscaping work on a development were set aside.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Supreme Court clarifies when litigation funding amounts to an abuse of process
The Supreme Court has once more confirmed that litigation funding agreements are not themselves objectionable.
New Zealand
18 Oct 2017
Debtor delays – strategic considerations on debtor appeal
If the debtor decides to appeal your money judgment, in most cases you should continue to take enforcement steps.
New Zealand
11 May 2017
Passing off as Rihanna
This decision was the first in England where a famous personality won a passing off case based on an image on clothing.
New Zealand
22 Nov 2013
Director´s Liability, Leaky Homes And The Tortious Duty Of Councils
In the recent "Leaky Homes" case of Dicks v Hobson Swan Construction Limted & Ors, Baragwanath J, HC Auckland, CIV 2004-404-1065, 22 December 2006, the High Court awarded Hobsonville homeowner Colleen Dicks a total of $250,900 to meet the cost of repairing her 12 year old house, to compensate her for three years of distress and to meet the costs of her expert witnesses ($29,684.43).
New Zealand
4 Jul 2007
Name Suppression And Presumption Of Innocence
In its report Delivering Justice for All - A Vision for New Zealand Courts and Tribunals (NZLC R85, Wgtn.,.2004) the Law Commission addresses the issue of name suppression in the criminal courts, and recommends changes.
New Zealand
11 May 2007
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