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Supreme Court To Revisit Good Faith
On June 26, 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) granted leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision in CM Callow Inc. v. Zollinger (Callow),
16 Sep 2019
Araya v Nevsun: Potential Expansion Of Local Liability For International Actions
On January 23, 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada heard oral arguments on the appeal in Nevsun Resourcs Ltd. v Gize Yebeyo Araya et al. ("Nevsun").
16 Sep 2019
Dentons Rodyk Reporter Issue 04 (2019)
The Dentons Rodyk Reporter is a compendium of commentaries produced and published by Dentons Rodyk Academy on a weekly basis.
13 Sep 2019
Timing (And Purpose) Is Everything: The Importance Of Prompt Disclosure To Admissibility Of Video Surveillance Evidence
In Nemchin v. Green,1 the Court of Appeal for Ontario clarified a number of important aspects of the process for determining the admissibility of video surveillance evidence at trial.
13 Sep 2019
Lack Of Signature Block In Emails Fatal To Debt Enforcement
If you find work-related emails to be ubiquitous, you will likely find the same of signature "blocks", setting out the sender's name, position and contact information
13 Sep 2019
Court Of Appeal Addresses Two Issues: The Interpretation Of S. 12 Of The Limitations Act In The Context Of A Bankrupt Company, And Whether An Appeal Of An Underlying Judgment Tolls The Limitation Period
In Ridel v Goldberg, 2019 ONCA 636, the Court of Appeal for Ontario considered whether a judgment creditor was statute-barred from pursuing a claim for contribution and indemnity
13 Sep 2019
Removing Telecommunications Apparatus To Create A New Access
The Electronic Communications Code 2017 (the Code) applies across the whole of the UK and it is therefore an area where English real estate case law
10 Sep 2019
The Cost Of Justice: Certainty?
Are the Courts starting to be more generous to Councils when they make mistakes when granting planning permission?
4 Sep 2019
Dealing With Team Moves And Protecting Your Business: Lessons Learnt From A Recent Case
On June 14, 2019, the Hong Kong Court of First Instance handed down an interlocutory decision in McLarens Hong Kong Ltd v. Poon Chi Fai, Corey & Or, [2019]
Hong Kong
3 Sep 2019
Could A Tribunal Claimant Freeze Their Employer's Bank Account?
The Scottish courts have held that they can make protective orders against the assets of an employer where a claim is brought against that employer in the employment tribunal.
2 Sep 2019
Principle Of Open Justice Allows Non-Party To Litigation Proceedings Access To Court Documents
Can someone who is not a party to a court case in England get access to court documents? Does this extend to witness statements and documents lodged as evidence?
30 Aug 2019
In Or Out? Court Interprets An Indemnity In A Share Purchase Agreement
They therefore fell outside the scope of the indemnity.
28 Aug 2019
Analysing ASIC vs Westpac – Is The Decision All That It Seems?
Much has been written about the Westpac responsible lending case. At risk of adding to the weight of those volumes
28 Aug 2019
No Bright Line: Separating The Flushable From The Unflushable In ACCC v Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Ltd [2019] FCA 992
The ACCC claimed that Kimberly-Clark Australia Pty Ltd (KCA) had contravened the Australian Consumer Law by marketing its Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable
27 Aug 2019
Court Of Appeal's Paradigm Shift On Rectification For Common Mistake: FSHC v. GLAS
The Court of Appeal has recently reversed a controversial line of case law on the rectification of contracts where both parties are mistaken as to the contract's legal effect.
22 Aug 2019
Partisan Gerrymandering Upheld By U.S. Supreme Court
On June 27, 2019, the Supreme Court decided Rucho v. Common Cause, a highly-anticipated case stemming from legal challenges to the purported partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts in Maryland and...
United States
16 Aug 2019
What Does A Landowner Have To Do To Resist The Imposition Of Code Rights?
EE Ltd v. Sir James H E Chichester [2019] UKUT 164 (LC) considers the ability of landowners to resist the imposition of rights pursuant to the Electronic Communications Code (Code) where they intend to redevelop their land.
15 Aug 2019
Far East Square Pte Ltd v Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2019] SGCA 36: Inroad Into Dual-Track Regime For Construction Claims?
In Far East Square Pte Ltd v Yau Lee Construction (Singapore) Pte Ltd [2019] SGCA 36 (Far East v Yau Lee), the Singapore Court of Appeal recently dealt with important issues
2 Aug 2019
Dentons' Business Crime And Investigations Podcast – Episode 1 (Video)
Combating financial crime is a serious issue for firms in the regulated sector and brings with it many challenges for compliance and legal practitioners.
31 Jul 2019
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" - Case Comment – Re Koziey Estate, 2019 ABCA 43
In the recent decision Re Koziey Estate (2019 ABCA 43) the Alberta Court of Appeal confirmed that adverse possession is still alive and well in Alberta
29 Jul 2019
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