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Five Steps To Mitigate CCPA Class Action Risk: What Companies Need To Do To Increase Data Security
While many companies and service providers are spending significant time and budget on the privacy-related requirements of the forthcoming California Consumer
United States
26 Aug 2019
What's Going On With Securities Class Action And Derivative Litigation?
Fenwick securities enforcement co-chair Susan Muck talked about the latest in securities class action and derivative litigation at the 2019 PLUS D&O Symposium in New York.
United States
21 Feb 2019
Pennsylvania High Court's Dittman Ruling Makes It Harder To Dismiss Data Breach Actions
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently held that employers have "a legal duty to safeguard" the personal data of their employees which is stored on internet-accessible computer systems and that the economic loss doctrine allows plaintiffs to recover purely pecuniary damages on a negligence claim "provided that [they] can establish the defendant's breach [of that duty]."
United States
2 Jan 2019
Yahoo's $80 Million Securities Class Action Settlement Stemming From Data Breach An Outlier, But Reinforces Potential Viability Of Similar Securities Suits
Fenwick securities enforcement co-chair Michael Dicke spoke with The Recorder about the $80 million settlement that Yahoo Inc.—now known as Altaba—reached to settle claims that the company...
United States
12 Oct 2018
Top SCOTUS Cases That Matter For Tech, Life Sciences And Games Industries – 2018 Term Preview
As the U.S. Supreme Court kicks off its 2018 term this week, it prepares to take up a series of firsts, including questions about the America Invents Act, securities fraud and privacy-related class action litigation.
United States
4 Oct 2018
Biometric Data Privacy Act Class Action Dismissed For Lack Of Actual Injury
A federal district court in the Northern District of Illinois dismissed a putative class action alleging violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act ...
United States
23 Aug 2018
Supreme Court Rules That Securities Act Class Actions May Proceed In State Court
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that class action plaintiffs can bring claims under the Securities Act of 1933 in either state or federal court.
United States
22 Mar 2018
Appellate Court Joins Growing Chorus Finding That Procedural FACTA Violations On Their Own Are Insufficient For Standing
In keeping with its recent decision in Bassett v. ABM Parking Services, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held in Noble v. Nevada Checker Cab (March 9, 2018) that alleged procedural violations...
United States
15 Mar 2018
Appellate Court Finds Risk of Identity Theft Sufficient to Establish Standing, Circuit Split Worsens
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has found that allegations of a future risk of identity theft resulting from a data breach are sufficient to establish standing.
United States
13 Mar 2018
Allegations Of Procedural Biometric Data Privacy Violations Not Enough For Class Action, Says Appeals Court
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Nov. 21, 2017, affirmed the dismissal of a putative class action alleging violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act ...
United States
30 Nov 2017
Top SCOTUS Cases Tech Companies Should Watch – Fall 2017 Preview
The upcoming U.S. Supreme Court term promises to be a big one, featuring a patent case that could be a game changer for many clients and a host of other cases that may affect how tech...
United States
9 Oct 2017
Eighth Circuit Holds Data Breach Plaintiffs Must Allege Actual Injury To Establish Standing
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit held that allegations of a future risk of identity theft resulting from a data breach are not sufficient to establish standing.
United States
13 Sep 2017
Supreme Court Rejects Plaintiffs' Tactic For Appealing Class Certification Denials
The U.S. Supreme Court issued a unanimous 8-0 opinion in Microsoft Corp. v. Baker, reversing the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and holding that federal courts lack jurisdiction under...
United States
22 Jun 2017
The Fourth Circuit Finds No Article III Injury In Fair Credit Reporting Act Case
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held that the plaintiff's allegations that Experian denied him access to information to which he was entitled under the Fair Credit Reporting Act...
United States
24 May 2017
Second Circuit Limits Standing To Bring Data Breach Class Actions
This week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued an important decision in Whalen v. Michaels Stores...
United States
11 May 2017
Employment Alert: Ninth Circuit Nixes Employee Class And Collective Action Waivers, Calling Into Question Future Viability Of Employment Arbitration
Mandatory employment arbitration agreements suffered a significant blow last week, when the Ninth Circuit found illegal and unenforceable a class and collective action waiver requiring employees to arbitrate their claims individually.
United States
6 Sep 2016
Litigation Alert: The Eighth Circuit Expands Standing To Sue For Violations Of Privacy Policies For Paid Services
The Eighth Circuit expanded standing to bring privacy policy violations claims but limited the definition of personal information in affirming the dismissal of a class action complaint...
United States
31 Aug 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Supports Validity Of Class-Action Waivers In Arbitration Agreements
On December 14th, the United States Supreme Court ruled in DirecTV v. Imburgia, in a 6-3 decision, that California consumers can be bound by the satellite-TV provider's mandatory arbitration clause, which includes a class action waiver.
United States
24 Dec 2015
Court Upholds Use Of Class Member Contact Info To Solicit Clients
After a former Best Buy employee filed a putative class action alleging misclassification of store managers as exempt, his attorney collected contact information for all putative class members...
United States
23 Dec 2015
Bag Checks For Apple Employees Not Compensable Time
Apple Inc. recently convinced a California federal district court to dismiss a certified class action alleging that Apple had a legal duty to pay store workers for time spent on bag checks at the end of shifts.
United States
23 Dec 2015
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