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Privacy At What Cost? Consequences Of The High Court's Judgment In The Graham Dwyer Case
"In what circumstances does a democracy tolerate State mandated electronic surveillance of every citizen who uses a telephone device?"
European Union
18 Dec 2018
Six Reasons To Invest In Ireland (Video)
Ireland has a lot to offer foreign organisations. From our low corporate tax rate to our highly-skilled and flexible workforce, there are many reasons to bring your business to Ireland.
22 Mar 2017
First Irish ‘Right To Be Forgotten' Case
The first ‘right to be forgotten' case in the Irish courts came before Dublin Circuit Civil Court in May 2016.
10 Mar 2017
EU Court Answers: When Can You Re-sell Software?
The initial acquirer of a copy of software, in some circumstances, may resell that copy and his licence to a new acquirer.
16 Nov 2016
EU Court Answers: Are Dynamic IP Addresses Personal Data?
Determining whether information is ‘personal data' is the first step towards applying data protection law.
European Union
1 Nov 2016
CJEU Decision - Implications For Business-To-Consumer Contracts
Sellers that trade online with EU consumers need to ensure that their standard terms of business are fair and communicated in plain language to the consumer.
European Union
17 Oct 2016
Implications For Business-To-Consumer Contracts
Sellers that trade online with EU consumers need to ensure that their standard terms of business are fair and communicated in plain language to the consumer.
European Union
17 Oct 2016
No Right To Be Heard? Oral Hearings And The DPC
The recent High Court case of Martin v the Data Protection Commissioner ("DPC") has clarified the DPC's powers and obligations when investigating complaints.
13 Sep 2016
An End To The Microsoft Saga? Appeals Court Rules In Microsoft's Favour
A US appeals court recently handed down a ground-breaking privacy decision, bringing the three-year Microsoft warrant saga to an apparent end.
11 Aug 2016
Testing Times: Are Exam Scripts Personal Data? Irish Supreme Court Asks Europe To Decide
The Irish Supreme Court recently handed down a decision in the long-running case of Nowak v. Data Protection Commissioner [2016] IESC 18.
10 May 2016
Whose Law Is It Anyway? How Closely Aligned Is The Data Protection Directive With One-Stop-Shop?
The Google Spain case is most commonly recognised for introducing the ‘right to be forgotten'.
European Union
18 Mar 2016
Commercial Law Update: Review 2015
There were some ground-breaking developments in the technology and commercial law spheres in 2015.
European Union
12 Feb 2016
Data Protection Day 2016 – 4 Trends For The Coming Year
Today's date marks Data Protection Day 2016 – a day aimed at raising awareness and promoting best practices for privacy and data protection.
European Union
2 Feb 2016
2015 Review: Hot Topics In Tech Law
2015 was a year of significant developments in tech law. The EU's highest court – the CJEU – published a number of landmark judgments throughout the year.
European Union
12 Jan 2016
Navigating EU Data Protection Laws And Regulators: The Weltimmo Decision
In the whirlwind of attention which followed the invalidation of Safe Harbor, observers might be forgiven for missing another recent – and important – data protection judgment.
European Union
1 Dec 2015
‘Right To Be Forgotten' Going Global – French Regulator Orders Takedown On ‘.Coms'
In the wake of the Google Spain decision, debates have continued as to whether non-EU search domains can be subject to ‘right to be forgotten' requests for content removal.
European Union
6 Nov 2015
Safe Harbor Submerged: What Next?
Due to a gap in EU legislation, EU based data processors cannot clearly rely on SCCs to justify data export.
European Union
13 Oct 2015
Awards Of Damages For Data Protection Breaches – UK And Irish Approaches Contrasted
The recent ruling of the UK Court of Appeal in Google v Vidal-Hall is another divergence in the approach of the UK and Irish courts to data protection.
15 Sep 2015
Data Protection In Corporate Insolvency: Who Is Responsible?
Insolvent companies often hold a large volume of personal data, such as customer lists or user data. Who is responsible for this information?
21 Aug 2015
Accessing Your Data In Contentious Matters – Comparing UK And Irish Approaches
In recent months, the UK High Court examined the circumstances in which an individual can make an access request for their personal data (a subject access request, or "SAR") under the UK Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA").
17 Aug 2015
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