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Trump Administration Aims To Reform WTO's Developing-Country Status
The Trump Administration is pushing the World Trade Organization (WTO) to prevent advanced economies such as China from self-declaring as developing countries.
United States
14 Aug 2019
USTR Initiates Section 301 Investigation Into French Digital Services Tax
The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is conducting an investigation under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 with respect to the digital services tax bill recently approved by the French Parliament.
United States
29 Jul 2019
The Drama Around Huawei: Can U.S. Companies Do Business With The Chinese Chipmaker?
President Donald Trump's remarks during the G20 Summit in Japan in late June were the most recent installment in the drama surrounding Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., a Chinese tech giant, in the U.S.-China trade war.
United States
22 Jul 2019
Cuba Policy In Flux: Seven Unanswered Questions
Unresolved Issues Remain Regarding Trump Administration's Announcement Not to Continue the 22 Years of Waivers on Title III of Helms-Burton Act
United States
14 May 2019
Trump Administration Allows Civil Actions Against Certain Cuban Entities
The Trump Administration is allowing U.S. nationals to pursue civil actions against certain Cuban entities under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act (Libertad Act) ...
United States
15 Mar 2019
OFAC Designates Petroleos De Venezuela S.A.; U.S. Expands Sanctions On Venezuelan Government
Pursuant to Executive Order 13850 (E.O. 13850), the U.S. Department of the Treasury's (Treasury) Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
United States
5 Feb 2019
Reminder: U.S. Companies Doing Business Abroad Likely Need To File BE-120 Survey
If a U.S. company provided services to a foreign person, or purchased services from a foreign person, during fiscal year 2017 ...
United States
2 Oct 2018
DOJ Unveils FARA Advisory Opinions
A September 2016 audit report by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Inspector General recommended more transparency ...
United States
17 Jul 2018
Trump Administration Examines U.S. Universities' Partnerships With Chinese Entities
Amid the Trump Administration's plan to reduce China's access to U.S. intellectual property, the federal government is imposing tighter scrutiny over U.S. universities' research partnerships...
United States
9 Jul 2018
U.S. Revokes Certain Authorizations Related To Iran, Issues "Wind-Down" Regulations
The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on June 27, 2018, took further concrete action to reimpose restrictions on Iran that were authorized by OFAC...
United States
9 Jul 2018
Trump Administration Announces Tariffs On Chinese Goods
President Donald Trump announced on June 15, 2018, that the United States would implement a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of goods from China "that contain industrially significant technologies."
United States
19 Jun 2018
Origin Verifications For U.S. Exports A Key Aspect Of NAFTA Negotiations
Since negotiations for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 2.0 commenced in August 2017, a lot of attention has been placed on specific disciplines.
United States
19 Feb 2018
Transportation Developments In Year 1 Of The Trump Administration
In January 2017, Holland & Knight Transportation & Infrastructure lawyers and senior advisors prepared 20 posts for the 20 days leading to President Donald Trump's inauguration regarding what to expect from the Trump Administration ...
United States
5 Feb 2018
Consecuencias para México Tras Suscribir el Convenio del CIADI
Desde hace más de dos décadas, México ha impulsado políticas para fomentar el ingreso y participación de la inversión extranjera en las actividades económicas del país.
12 Jan 2018
Consequences For Mexico After Subscribing To The ICSID Convention
For more than two decades, Mexico has promoted policies to encourage the entry and participation of foreign investment in the country's economic activities.
12 Jan 2018
Más de 20 Años Después, Continúa la Lucha Transfronteriza de Transportes de Carga Bajo el TLCAN
Sin embargo, no está claro cuál sería el costo para los Estados Unidos, si cesaran dichas operaciones.
6 Nov 2017
More Than 20 Years Later, Cross-Border Trucking Fight Under NAFTA Continues
Major industry groups are lobbying the U.S. Trade Representative with respect to existing program that allows Mexican trucks to operate in the U.S under NAFTA. It is unclear what the cost to the U.S...
6 Nov 2017
Propuestas De Estados Unidos En TLCAN No Son Constructivas
El experto en TLCAN, Carlos Véjar, abogado senior de Holland & Knight, habla en entrevista para Imagen Radio, sobre la renegociación del TLCAN: el impacto de las propuestas de Estados...
24 Oct 2017
Rails Keep Wary Eye On NAFTA Talks
A major theme of President Trump's 2016 election campaign was the argument that the U.S. had been bested in trade negotiations, and that there was a pressing need to renegotiate...
United States
26 Sep 2017
U.S. Treasury Releases Revised FAQs Clarifying Upcoming Changes To U.S.-Cuba Sanctions Regulations
On July 25, 2017, OFAC issued a revised set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) further clarifying the scope and implementation process for the upcoming changes to the U.S.-Cuba policy...
United States
23 Aug 2017
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