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Minister Of Transport Introduces Additional Rail Safety Measures Amid Record-Level Crude Oil Transportation By Rail
Canadian crude exports by rail have seen a sharp increase since 2017 and are at an all-time high (see table below). This steady increase has been driven by a lack of pipeline infrastructure
21 Jan 2019
Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Canada, United States, And Mexico Agree On Copyright Protection In New NAFTA Deal
On November 30, 2018, Canada, the United States, and Mexico signed the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement.
13 Dec 2018
Canada Ratifies The Comprehensive And Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership
On Saturday October 27, 2018, Canada became the fifth nation to ratify the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade deal, bringing the deal one step closer
5 Nov 2018
Act Now To Take Advantage Of New Opportunities To Import US Dairy And Poultry Under New Trade Deal
Last week, the US, Canada, and Mexico finally reached an agreement in principle to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
12 Oct 2018
NAFTA Reintroduced As USMCA: What You Need To Know
After lengthy and intense negotiation, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been reintroduced as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the new tri-party trade...
11 Oct 2018
Department Of Finance Considers Imposing Provisional Safeguards On The Import Of Certain Steel Products
The government has indicated that the provisional safeguard could take the form of a surtax on all or quantities exceeding a particular threshold.
30 Aug 2018
Brenda Swick Quoted By CBC News On Canada's Retaliatory Tariffs
Brenda Swick has been quoted by CBC News in an article titled "Getting Out From Under Canada's Retaliatory Tariffs can be a 'Heavy Lift,'" published on August 12.
21 Aug 2018
Process For Exclusion From Canadian Retaliatory Tariffs On US Imports Of Steel, Aluminum And Other Products
Applications should set out a detailed business case for granting the exclusion.
25 Jul 2018
It Really Is Time To Kick Canada's $2.6-Billion Dairy Habit
Canadian politicians of all stripes have been rallying behind supply management since ending it became the United States' price for renewing NAFTA. Maxime Bernier even lost his position on the Conservative ...
19 Jul 2018
Proposed Changes In Personal Use Importation Of Pest Control Products
The regulatory impact analysis statement accompanying the proposed changes specifically notes that the changes result in part from the broad access to products that the internet provides.
21 Feb 2017
Import Tariffs On Many High Tech Goods Removed As Of July 1, 2016
As part of Canada's commitment to agreed updates under the World Trade Organization Information Technology Agreement, Canada has removed import tariffs on 54 High Tech classes of goods effective July 1, 2016.
19 Jul 2016
Brexit – What Is The Impact For European Trademark Owners?
After the victory for the "Leave" side in the UK referendum, we wanted to provide a further update to our Canadian trademark clients about brand protection in the UK and Europe going forward.
European Union
1 Jul 2016
What Would A "Brexit" Mean For Brand Owners With European Trademarks?
Businesses who have protected their brands in the United Kingdom solely through the European Trademark system, may be wondering what will happen to their trademark protection in the United Kingdom should the vote be for a "Brexit".
European Union
24 Jun 2016
Supreme Court Of Canada Weighs In Favour Of International Cooperation In Foreign Corruption Investigations – Upholds Immunity For Non-State International Actors
In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has tilted the scale in favour of the continued facilitation of international information sharing and collaboration in combating foreign corruption and against the rights of accused corporations (and their directors and officers) to gain access to such shared relevant and potentially exculpatory information to mount a full defence.
17 May 2016
Anti-Corruption Laws: Get Ready To Do Business
In recent years, changes to the landscape of corporate riskhave prompted companies subject to such regulations to be seriously focused on adopting and implementing rigorous internal policies, practices and compliance procedures.
6 Feb 2015
Tsunami Or Tempest In A Teapot: Canadian Government Introduces Canada-US Price Gap Bill
The Price Transparency Act would enhance the Commissioner’s formal investigative powers (e.g., the ability seek court orders to compel the production of confidential evidence).
15 Dec 2014
New Payment Disclosure Requirements Are Coming For Companies Engaged In The Commercial Development Of Oil, Gas And Minerals In Canada
The Act has only passed First Reading but the Government intends to bring the Act into effect by April 1, 2015.
7 Nov 2014
Bollywood North Now Open For Business: Introducing The Canada-India Coproduction Treaty
Canada’s first-ever audiovisual coproduction treaty with the Republic of India came into force on July 1, 2014, clearing the path for an unprecedented level of collaboration between Canadian and Indian television and film production companies.
9 Jul 2014
Ontario Superior Court Of Justice Sentences First Individual Convicted Under The Corruption Of Foreign Public Officials Act
On May 23, 2014, the first criminal sentencing of an individual under Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act was rendered.
28 May 2014
Foreign Investment Rule Changes (Cbb Corporate Counsel Insights Video Series)
In this video from the CBB Corporate Counsel Insights Series, partner Chris Hersh discusses recent announcements regarding foreign investment in Canada, particularly in regards to state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
20 Feb 2013
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