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China Trade War Scorecard: Keeping Track Of Tariffs
With round after round of tariffs on Chinese goods, announcements, removals, exclusions, delays, increases and, of course, tweets regarding all of the above, it can be easy to get lost on where.
27 Aug 2019
The U.S. Government Investigates U.S. Universities Participating In The "Confucius Institutes" Program
In July, the U.S. Department of Education Notices of Investigation to four U.S. universities seeking information on the "Confucius Institutes" operating on their campuses.
United States
22 Aug 2019
How To Steal $10 Billion From Europe
Europe has come up with a nifty plan to help Iran buy and sell stuff outside the reach of U.S. sanctions. The problem is that the plan is a fraud magnet. How do we know? It's been tried before
United States
22 Aug 2019
A Chinese Export License To Get A Smart Phone? Tech-Tonic Changes In World Export Controls
On July 1, 2019, only few days after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe opened the G20 summit with a speech endorsing an open global economy, the Japanese government announced that it will impose tighter controls on...
United States
21 Aug 2019
Bifacial Solar Modules Now Exempt From Section 201 Tariff
On June 13, 2019, the Office of the United States Trade Representative ruled that bifacial solar modules are exempt from the Section 201 tariffs on solar cell and module imports
United States
15 Jul 2019
Hua-Wait a Minute: Entity Designation Affects Non-U.S. Manufacturers' Exports To China Tech Giant
On May 16, 2019, a sweeping U.S. export control rule went into effect that will impact the U.S. tech industry, but may also create an outsized risk for non-U.S. manufacturers.
United States
5 Jun 2019
INTERNATIONAL TECH INVESTMENT ISSUE – A Wave Of Export Regulation To Hit US Technologies
A wave is coming. An enormous wave of regulation will soon crash on Silicon Valley, Boston and other tech centres around the United States, and very few people have their surfboards ready.
United States
15 Apr 2019
The New Suits Of Havana: How Non-U.S. Companies May Soon Be Sued For Their Business In Cuba
Picture your company being hauled into U.S. court to defend litigation for your Cuba business that is lawful in your home country.
United States
29 Mar 2019
News From The Trump Trade War Front: Tariffs Likely To Increase March 2; Exclusion Request Process May Be Available
Many U.S. companies continue to struggle under the burden of President Trump's tariffs on imports from China.
1 Mar 2019
New Year Sanctions Roundup: Where Do We Stand?
Happy new year everyone. The government is shut down, but there has already been a flurry of activity in 2019 on the economic sanctions and embargoes front.
United States
21 Jan 2019
Comment Deadline Extended: Export Controls On Emerging Technologies
Emerging technology sectors are being reviewed now for new export controls that could take effect in 2019 (list below).
United States
13 Dec 2018
The Little Regulation That Will Make A Big Change In How You Do Business: Department Of Commerce To Establish New Export Controls On Emerging Technologies
Export controls and other regulations often lag a step or two behind the times. That trend has accelerated with the pace of technological advancement.
United States
23 Nov 2018
Update On Enforcement Of China's Cybersecurity Law
Companies doing business in China may see an increase in enforcement actions with the enactment of a new cybersecurity regulation and the enforcement powers of the Public Security Bureaus (PSBs) officially codified.
21 Nov 2018
Iran Sanctions Are Back On: Can Business Continue?
On May 8, 2018, the United States withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and reimposed all pre-JCPOA sanctions against Iran.
United States
9 Nov 2018
Will U.S. Customs & Border Protection Admit Your Foreign Visitor? How To Avoid That Sunday Evening Phone Call From CBP
It's 9:30 pm on a Sunday and you just got a call on your cell from U.S. Customs & Border Protection ("CBP") at LAX. A Vice President from one of your foreign offices has been spending a lot of time here lately developing business leads and strategy.
United States
9 Nov 2018
FIRRMA Takes Form As CFIUS Enacts A New Pilot Program Targeting "Critical Technologies"
On August 13, 2018, President Trump signed FIRRMA into law. FIRRMA is a transformational expansion of the authority of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to review certain transactions ...
United States
12 Oct 2018
The New NAFTA: The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)
A tripartite agreement to save the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has just been reached. Since June 2017, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have been renegotiating NAFTA.
5 Oct 2018
NAFTA Agreement Reached At The Eleventh Hour
A tripartite agreement to save NAFTA has been reached. The agreement, reached late last night, provides Congress the necessary 60 days' notice of the text to approve so that President Pena Nieto...
United States
4 Oct 2018
The Latest U.S. Sanctions On Russia
Violations of international law.
25 Sep 2018
Expanding CFIUS: New Law Strengthens And Slows Investment Review
This week, you have likely heard about FIRRMA, the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, the law that will expand CFIUS.
United States
24 Aug 2018
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