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PBOC Publishes Operational Rules Of RMB Account Settlement For Foreign Investment
On June 14, 2012, the People’s Bank of China (the "PBOC") published the Circular on Clarifying the Operational Rules of RMB Account Settlement for Foreign Direct Investment (Yin Fa [2012] No. 165) (the "Circular").
6 Aug 2012
Law "On Industrial Parks" Is To Increase Ukraine’s Investment Attractiveness
On 21 June 2012, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted the Law of Ukraine "On Industrial Parks" (the "Law").
11 Jul 2012
SAFE To Facilitate Financing Of Offshore Subsidiaries Of Chinese Companies
On June 15, 2012, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (the "SAFE") issued the Circular on Relevant Foreign Exchange Issues Relating to Encouraging and Guiding the Healthy Development of Private Investment.
11 Jul 2012
Status Of EU Sanctions Against Iran, Libya And Syria
The past year has seen the continued importance and effect of arms embargoes and economic sanctions imposed by the EU, the US and the UN.
European Union
31 May 2012
New Social Insurance Policy On Foreigners
The Interim Measures on Participation in Social Insurance by Foreigners Working in China ("Interim Measures") were issued by the PRC Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security on 6 September 2011 and came into force on 15 October 2011.
27 Feb 2012
EU Rules On Services Of General Economic Interest
On 20 December 2011, the European Commission (Commission) adopted a revised package of measures setting out the application of the EU state aid rules to the financing of services of general economic interest (SGEI).
European Union
10 Jan 2012
Understanding The EU Syrian Sanctions
On 14 November 2011, the EU expanded its sanctions concerning Syria.
European Union
29 Nov 2011
Denmark Receives Exemption From EU Procurement Rules For E&P
On 28 July 2011, the European Commission, following a request from the Kingdom of Denmark, published its latest decision exempting the application of the European public procurement rules in relation to the exploration for oil and natural gas, and production of oil in Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands).
31 Aug 2011
New Legislation Proposed For Specialised Foods
The European Commission is currently considering new legislation to overhaul the way that foods intended for particular nutritional uses (so-called ‘PARNUT’ or diatetic foods) are regulated.
31 Aug 2011
OFT Imposes £49.51 Million Fines In Dairy Sector
On 10 August 2011, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) announced that it has imposed fines totalling £49.51 million for the exchange of pricing information in breach of the Competition Act 1998 (CA 1998) in relation to cheese and fresh liquid milk in 2002 and 2003.
16 Aug 2011
Prospectus Rules To Be Relaxed At The End Of July
From 31 July 2011 more companies will be able to raise funds from investors without having to publish a prospectus.
20 Jul 2011
EU VAT Regulation Takes Effect
On 1 July 2011, the new EU VAT Regulation became directly applicable and therefore takes precedence over domestic VAT laws and practice in all EU member states.
12 Jul 2011
Regulation On The Tax-Exempt Import Of Biofuel Equipment Adopted
The Resolution clarifies requirements that an importer needs to observe in order to prove its eligibility for the VAT and import duties exemption under the Tax Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine "On Unified Customs Tariff" for import of such equipment.
17 Jun 2011
P & R Is For Food Contamination Risks From Pollution & Radiation
Pollution in the food chain or in processing can disrupt the most efficient of operations - whether this is 'pollution' by bacteria, via a virus (foot and mouth/bird flu), chemical (dioxin contamination) or radiation from a nuclear accident following an earthquake as most recently occurred in Japan.
13 May 2011
Are Sanctions A Proper Basis For Force Majeure Claims?
Tensions in the Middle East continue to occupy oil and gas firms operating within Libya. Reports have suggested that, no matter the outcome of the current conflict, the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) will expect contractual obligations to be kept.
26 Apr 2011
Special Considerations For Force Majeure Clauses Under Libyan Law
Recent civil unrest and violence in Libya raises grave political and humanitarian concerns.
9 Mar 2011
ECJ Dismisses Appeal Against Nintendo Distribution Agreements Judgment
On 10 February 2011, the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") rejected an appeal brought by Activision Blizzard Germany (formerly CD-Contract Data) ("Activision Blizzard") against a judgment of the General Court in a longstanding case concerning an agreement between Nintendo and its EU distributors to limit parallel exports.
European Union
15 Feb 2011
Interception Of Counterfeits By Customs Authorities
The Advocate General ("AG") has given his opinion on two questions referred by the Dutch and UK courts on the ability of European customs authorities to intercept branded goods which are suspected of being counterfeit, but which are ostensibly in transit through Europe to a destination outside the EEA.
11 Feb 2011
Commission Consults On Modernisation Of EU Public Procurement Policy
The European Commission has published a Green Paper on the modernisation of EU public procurement policy.
European Union
10 Feb 2011
Alcatel-Lucent Agrees To Pay $137 Million For Foreign Corrupt Practices
Alcatel-Lucent, S.A. and three of its subsidiaries are to pay US$137 million for violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act relating to the bribing of foreign government officials.
9 Feb 2011
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