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Norway Practice Bulletin – 2018
We are pleased to present Conyers' 2018 Norway Practice Bulletin. This annual publication underscores the importance of the Norwegian market to our Bermuda corporate practice.
7 Jun 2018
US FATCA And CRS Reporting Deadline Extended
The DITC has extended the reporting deadline for US FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
Cayman Islands
31 Jul 2017
Cape Town Convention To Take Effect In Bermuda On 1 January 2018
Patience is a virtue, or so we are told as children by our parents.
13 Jul 2017
The Rocky Road To Redemption
Herald's position was that all investors who were unpaid on 12 December 2008 rank as ordinary shareholders and should therefore be paid pari passu.
Cayman Islands
12 Jul 2017
Domiciling Private Equity Funds
Piers Alexander, of Conyers, discusses Cayman's popularity as a private equity funds domicile, and Asia's potential within this space.
Cayman Islands
11 Jul 2017
Re Grand TG Gold Holdings Limited - A Modern Approach In Aid Of Restructuring?
The Court noted that it had been formulated with the assistance of an experienced adviser and the proposed underwriter had indicated that it was interested in underwriting the proposed open offer.
Hong Kong
10 Jul 2017
Cayman Confidential
Bernadette Carey explains the Cayman Islands' new legislation on the disclosure of confidential information.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2017
Reasons To Use BVI Companies For Financing Transactions
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is home to more than 416,000 active companies. This article considers the benefits of using a BVI company in financing transactions.
British Virgin Islands
6 Jul 2017
AEOI Portal Update
Further to our previous alert, the DITC has issued an industry alert, revising notification dates for US FATCA and CRS and confirming that a new Automatic Exchange of Information Portal User Guide is available.
Cayman Islands
28 Jun 2017
Mortgaging Of Aircraft And Aircraft Engines Act, 1999
On 2 June 2017, the Mortgaging of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines Act, 1999 in Bermuda was amended to remove the requirement that in order for a mortgage over an aircraft or engine...
14 Jun 2017
Ship Registration In The Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry is a Category 1 British Registry, the highest possible ranking, and is authorised to certify all sizes and types of vessel.
Cayman Islands
13 Jun 2017
New Legislation For Non-Profit Organisations In The Cayman Islands
Following a lengthy period of consultation, both with members of the public and industry stakeholders, the Cayman Islands Government recently passed the Non-Profit Organisations Law, 2017.
Cayman Islands
8 Jun 2017
The Paralysed Trustee: A Cayman Approach
While it is a relatively rare occurrence, circumstances can arise in the life of a trust that lead a trustee to the view that its hands are effectively tied and which potentially put the proper...
Cayman Islands
1 Jun 2017
Garkusha Under The Spotlight
In the second of two articles evaluating the BVI courts' recent approach to the recovery of foreign lawyers' fees under adverse costs orders in commercial litigation, Tameka Davis, counsel at Conyers, Dill & Pearman in the British Virgin Islands, ...
British Virgin Islands
31 May 2017
Further US FATCA And CRS Notification And Reporting Update
As an update to our US FATCA, CDOT and CRS alert, the Cayman Islands Government has issued a further industry alert, confirming that the Automatic Exchange of Information Portal...
Cayman Islands
31 May 2017
Bermuda Public Companies Update – May 2017
We are pleased to present the latest edition of our Bermuda Public Companies Update which features a recap of significant transactions involving Bermuda public companies listed on the NYSE...
24 May 2017
A Guide To Financing And The British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") is home to over 416,000 active companies. This article considers the benefits of using a BVI company in financing transactions.
British Virgin Islands
23 May 2017
Cayman Islands Beneficial Ownership Regime
The Cayman Islands has recently passed legislation requiring certain Cayman Islands corporate entities to maintain beneficial ownership registers at their registered offices ...
Cayman Islands
9 May 2017
The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Listing Rules 2017 Revision
Chapter 14 of the Rules now allows for a greater degree of flexibility with respect to companies that do not have a two year audited financial statements ‘track record' and the prior requirement...
Cayman Islands
9 May 2017
Further Common Reporting Standard, US FATCA, UK CDOT And EUSD Regime Updates For The Cayman Islands
The Department for International Tax Cooperation (the "DITC") has issued an Industry Advisory regarding the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS"), US FATCA, UK CDOT and the EUSD regime.
Cayman Islands
4 May 2017
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