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공유경제와 합리적 규제 :미국 연방거래위원회의 공유경제 보고서 분석 및 Dz
우버(Uber), 에어비앤비(AirBnB) 등의 폭발적 성장은 우리나라뿐만 아니라 전세계적 으로 ‘공유경제(Sharing Economy)'에 관한 담론을 촉발시켰다. 규제의 관점에서 볼 때, 공ǽ
South Korea
31 May 2017
Annual Review On International Tax Matters In Korea
Tax laws including the Law for Coordination of International Tax Affairs, the Corporate Income Tax Law, the Individual Income Tax Law and the Special Tax Treatment Control Law have been amended in order to enforce BEPS related international taxation guidelines.
South Korea
3 Feb 2017
Korea's Customs Valuation Method For Transaction Value Between Related Parties
Similar to the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement, the Korean Customs Act provides that if the seller and buyer are related parties, the transaction value is examined...
South Korea
25 Jan 2017
Protecting Characters Via Korea's Copyright Law And Unfair Competition Prevention Act
The Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea recognizes copyright protection for characters created by animation.
South Korea
23 Jan 2017
International Marketing Fees Incurred By Multinational Enterprise's Subsidiary Can Be Taxed As Taxable Value Of Imported Goods If They Constitute Royalties In Substance
Global marketing efforts by multinational enterprises on the global sports items market have rarely been as active as lately.
South Korea
18 Jan 2017
Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement ("KORUS FTA") ratified by Korean National Assembly
The KORUS FTA is considered as the most ambitious bilateral free trade agreement entered into by both Korea and the U.S.
South Korea
16 Jan 2012
Amendments to Act on Prevention of Divulgence and Protection of Industrial Technology
When some overseas transactions could pose a serious risk to national security, various measures will address the risk.
South Korea
9 Jan 2012
Prospective Changes In The Korean Intellectual Property Law Pursuant To The Korea - US Free Trade Agreement
After an extensive negotiation period, Korea has finally entered into a Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America (“KORUS FTA”) on April 2, 2007.
South Korea
23 Apr 2008
The Ten Major Problems with Dumping Margin Calculations in Korea
In Korea, anti-dumping investigations are conducted by the Korea Trade Commission (KTC), which was founded in July 1987. The KTC is currently composed of one chairperson and eight commissioners, including one designated as a standing commissioner.
South Korea
12 Jan 2007
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