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Singapore Religious Harmony Law Receiving
Freedom to believe what one wants to in terms of their faith is a concept that is widely present around the world.
1 Aug 2019
Singapore's Ministry Of Home Affairs
The Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore (the Ministry) reiterated that the national laws will be applicable to both the local as well as the international offenders.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jul 2019
UAE Law On Dormant Bank Accounts
Bank accounts are among the most critical and valuable accounts that can belong to an individual.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jul 2019
Improve Peoples Quality Of Life In UAE
The UAE Cabinet chaired by, His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the UAE, adopted the National
United Arab Emirates
27 Jun 2019
Animal And Constitutional Rights In Conflict With "Ag-Gag" Law In The United States Of America
In the United States District Court in Des Moines, a lawsuit was filed on Monday 22 April 2019 alleging that the State of Iowa's new "Ag-Gag" Law.
United States
9 May 2019
Canada Supreme Court: Child Predators' Constitutional Right To Privacy Cannot Be Upheld
On Thursday 18 April, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that sexually explicit electronic communications are private except where the recipient of such sexually explicit content is a minor.
United Arab Emirates
6 May 2019
UK Parliament Approve Bill To Prevent No-Deal Brexit
To those individuals outside of the UK and those with little interest in British politics and political ongoings, Brexit may seem a somewhat distant memory.
25 Apr 2019
New Zealand Anti-Gun Law To Be Introduced Shortly
The recent and tragic event that occurred in the nation of New Zealand has been something of a shock the world around.
New Zealand
4 Apr 2019
Civil Procedure Law Of The UAE: Recent Amendments
The civil procedure regulation of a country is among the necessary legislation within a nation. Civil cases arise regularly and can relate to many topics as well as initiate from countless sources
United Arab Emirates
20 Mar 2019
Brexit And Fisherman Restrictions
Brexit is a well-known concern among the British and other European People. It is a well-known factor that London is one of the leading financial Hubs ...
European Union
4 Mar 2019
Official Languages Of The Abu Dhabi Courts: Hindi
The UAE is a highly diverse nation with a large population of expatriates. With a population of over 9 million, 70-80% are from foreign countries and as such, will likely speak languages
United Arab Emirates
18 Feb 2019
Changes To Singapore Penal Code
Singapore is currently in the process of amending its Penal Code. Penal Codes represent one of the most critical forms of legislation ...
14 Feb 2019
UK Law Concerning Press Freedom
The press plays a significant and vital role within every country by the delivery of relevant news and information to the general public
6 Feb 2019
The UAE Amendments To Child Protection Regulations
The Prime Minister, Vice President of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued a Cabinet Resolution Number (52) of 2018 governing the executive regulations of the Federal Law Number (3) of 2016 which deals with the Child Rights Law known as Wadeema.
United Arab Emirates
25 Jan 2019
Overview Of Prospective Amendments To Singapore's Penal Code
In July 2016, Singapore established a Penal Code review committee intended to perform a comprehensive assessment of the legal provisions currently protecting marginalized communities and members...
United Arab Emirates
16 Jan 2019
Good Samaritan Law
What does it mean and imply when one is called a Good Samaritan? The term is regularly used in the news and by people when relating to stories of do-gooders in action.
United Arab Emirates
7 Jan 2019
Good Samaritan Law Receives Go-Ahead In UAE
A good Samaritan is an individual who goes out of their way to help those in need with no thought given to personal gain or anything similar.
United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 2019
Bahrain Draft Cryptocurrency Regulation
Cryptocurrency has received a considerable amount of discussion and attention in recent years. With the value of cryptocurrency soaring, especially in the last two to three years,
United Arab Emirates
2 Jan 2019
2019 Tolerance Committee Formation
A recent announcement has revealed that the year of 2019 will be the UAE Year of Tolerance.
United Arab Emirates
21 Dec 2018
Sharjah Annual Budget Introduction
Budgets are commonplace in many private sector companies in the UAE, and in a greater sense, around the world
United Arab Emirates
14 Dec 2018
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