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Capitol Hill Healthcare Update - July 22, 2019
Below is this week's "Capitol Hill Healthcare Update," which is posted on Mondays when Congress is in session
United States
20 Aug 2019
Mueller, 2020 Politics Undermine Efforts At Bipartisanship In 2019
Fresh-from-the-campaign idealism will collide with old-fashioned partisanship on Capitol Hill today as more than 100 first-time lawmakers are sworn in and the 116th Congress is gaveled into session.
United States
9 Jan 2019
Capitol Hill Healthcare Update - December 17, 2018
Below is this week's "Capitol Hill Healthcare Update," which is posted on Mondays when Congress is in session.
United States
20 Dec 2018
Four Things To Know: What The Election Results Mean For Tax Policy
When Republicans muscled the Tax Cut and Jobs Act through Congress in late 2017, all Democrats could do was howl from the sidelines.
United States
23 Nov 2018
Divided Country Votes For Divided Congress
Republicans headed into Election Day with 51 Senate seats.
United States
13 Nov 2018
Trump: I Won't Shut Down The Government (Yet)
Whether Trump will renew budget brinkmanship and risk closing the government in December is unclear.
United States
1 Oct 2018
Senate OKs Opioids Response Bill As Lawmakers Scramble To Pass Final Measure (Video)
The Senate this week overwhelmingly approved legislation to address the opioid crisis, and now Congress is racing to cobble together a final measure that could pass before the midterm elections in November.
United States
25 Sep 2018
New Tax Cuts Win Approval But Unlikely To Advance In Senate
Building off of last year's sweeping tax overhaul, the House Ways and Means Committee today approved legislation that would make key provisions of that law permanent.
United States
17 Sep 2018
Capitol Hill Healthcare Update - September 10, 2018
This week's "Capitol Hill Healthcare Update" includes the latest on a pending Senate vote on opioid legislation as Congress races to enact a response to the crisis before the November election; the Senate votes to expand Sunshine Act disclosure requirements; and a key House Republican backs requiring drug manufacturers to include prices in their ads; and more.
United States
12 Sep 2018
GOP Leaders Rattled As Trump Threatens Government Shutdown
President Donald Trump on Monday renewed threats to shut down the government if Congress doesn't approve billions of dollars for border security ...
United States
6 Aug 2018
Capitol Hill Healthcare Update - June 2018
The House last week approved 38 bills that lawmakers hope will stem the opioid epidemic, and it scheduled votes this week on at least a dozen more
United States
22 Jun 2018
Election 2018 – Which Party Will Control Congress? (Video)
Democratic voters nationwide are eager to send a message to President Trump, but is there enough anti-Trump sentiment for Democrats to win control of the House?
United States
14 Jun 2018
Capitol Hill Healthcare Update - February 12, 2018
The White House this morning is releasing President Trump's fiscal 2019 budget blueprint, which will include funding requests for HHS, FDA, CMS and dozens of other healthcare-related federal agencies.
United States
13 Feb 2018
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