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The Lanham Act In The Entertainment Industry – 2017 Highlights
Last year saw two major Lanham Act cases in the entertainment industry: Incarcerated Entm't, LLC v. Warner Bros. Pictures, 261 F. Supp. 3d 1220 (M.D. Fla. 2017) ...
United States
16 Jan 2018
The Constitutionality Of Inter Partes Review: Considering The Outcomes Of The Supreme Court's Oil States Decision
Inter partes review has, in a very short time, become a core part of patent litigation practice in the United States. In many cases it has replaced district-court litigation.
United States
16 Jan 2018
Intellectual Property Newsletter
Since the founding of our republic, the right to trial before an independent judge and an impartial jury has been fundamental.
United States
12 Jan 2018
Matal V. Tam: Trademark Disparagement Clause Held Unconstitutional
Yesterday, the Supreme Court held in an 8–0[1] decision that the disparagement clause in the Trademark statute—which prohibits the registration of trademarks that may "disparage . . . or...
United States
3 Jul 2017
Lee v. Tam: Disparaging Trademarks At The Supreme Court
On April 20, 2016, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the "PTO") petitioned for a writ of certiorari on the following question:
United States
24 Nov 2016
Expanding Attorney Fees In IP Cases
Starting in 2014, and continuing through recent months, both the courts and Congress have redefined the standard for awarding attorney fees in IP cases.
United States
23 Nov 2016
Introduction To The Legal System Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Shariah law underpins the legal framework of the Kingdom. Shariah law is a set of principles derived from the Quran, the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Mohammed) and the works of jurists and scholars.
Saudi Arabia
4 Oct 2016
The Acquisition Of IP Assets In Bankruptcy
The sale of IP assets during a bankruptcy can be a very lucrative transaction for both buyer and seller, but what due diligence needs to be considered?
United States
23 Jul 2014
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