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Out With The Old And In With The New: Parliament Tables Bill For New Trademarks Act
The second major substantive change is the extension of the functionality exclusion under A. 4(2) of the current Trademarks Act.
16 Nov 2018
Unconventional Trademarks Post-KitKat: The CJEU's Standard Of Proof For Acquired Distinctiveness Explained
Many people will by now have heard of Nestle's loss at the EU's highest court, marking the end of a long and arduous battle to secure EU-wide trademark protection over the four-trapezoidal-fingered shape of their famous KitKat bar.
European Union
2 Sep 2018
Trademarking Shape-Colour Combinations: The CJEU Pronounces Itself On Christian Louboutin's Famous Red Sole Shoe
Some readers may be familiar with the 2011 case filed by Mr. Louboutin against fashion giants Yves Saint Laurent over the former's US trademark registration for his famous red sole.
European Union
19 Jun 2018
Funny Business – Intellectual Property Law Through the Prism Of Comedy
Anybody with an acute sense of justice knows what intellectual property is, yet I daresay many IP lawyers can probably relate to the unique sense of embarrassment which typically follows that all too familiar question.
14 May 2018
Messi Wins: EU Court Rules No Potential Conflict Between "MESSI" And "MASSI" Trademarks
In a decision issued yesterday morning, the General Court of the CJEU (EGC) approved the registration of a logo consisting of a shield motif with the letter "M" blazoned across the front...
European Union
27 Apr 2018
Positive Update On EU Trademark And Industrial Design Rights Post-Brexit
As many are no doubt aware, an updated draft of the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community was published last month.
11 Apr 2018
A More Poignant New Year Than Usual For French Winemakers After CJEU Ruling On "Champagner Sorbet" Case
Whilst champagne corks were popping all over the world this past New Year's, winemakers in the Northeast of France had little cause for celebration in the wake of the CJEU's decision over Aldi Süd's "CHAMPAGNER SORBET"...
1 Feb 2018
What Is The Public's Perception Of Piracy And Counterfeiting In Europe?
The European Union Intellectual Property Office has carried out a survey to gauge the perceptions and various sentiments held by EU citizens towards intellectual property rights, which encompass...
11 May 2017
Damages In Maltese Intellectual Property Cases
The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Regulation) Act, 20062 came into effect at the end of 20063 and fully implements the provisions of Directive 2004/48/EC of the European Parliament.
25 Nov 2014
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