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Patents In Asia 2018/2019: India
Top legal experts in India provide an exclusive insight into the country's patent prosecution and litigation strategy for 2018
11 Dec 2018
Licensing Laws And Antitrust Concerns In India
LexOrbis - When a patent has claims that can be infringed at different levels of a device, the issue of "licensing on the end value of device" or "licensing on the smallest component value" come into picture.
26 Jun 2017
The Conundrum Of Compulsory Licensing
The compulsory licensing provision has been in force ever since the inception of Patent Laws in our country.
23 Mar 2016
Singing A Different Tune? – Issues Pertaining To Collection Of Royalties By Copyright Licensing Societies In India

Radios, Malls, Discotheques, Airports, Flights, Trains, Lifts and even the hold tunes of Offices have music playing. When a song is played by an FM channel on the Radio, or when a song is performed live at a concert or elsewhere ..
30 Jul 2015
Combating The Weak IP Enforcement In India
Indian IP policy despite being in compliance with the International standards provided by the TRIPS Agreement is often alleged to be weak and ineffective.
25 Feb 2015
The Magic Of Characters
With competition rising in the market, producers or manufacturers opt for practices that are unique and creative to market their goods in a better way than their competitor.
9 Dec 2014
Compulsory Licence Decisions: A Comparative Study Of Facts
It is now been almost two years the first compulsory license was granted by the Controller General of India to Natco Pharma Ltd., an Indian generic drug manufacturer.
4 Mar 2014
Compulsory License Granted To NATCO
The viewpoint of being able to provide cheap drugs to a population which cannot afford it has started yet another debate in the pharma sector about how drug companies should price the life saving drugs in the developing world.
15 May 2012
No Right To Sell A Product Having A Design Identical With A Registered Design
Section 22 of the Designs Act, 2000, lays down the acts which amount to piracy of Designs.
24 May 2011
Permanent Injunction For Use Of Pirated Computer Softwares
In the case of Autodesk, Inc. & Another v. Prashant Deshmukh & Others ( 2011 (46) PTC 38 (Del.) , the Delhi High Court, granted permanent injunction and punitive damages in favour of Autodesk, Inc. & Another(the Plaintiffs), thereby restraining Prashant Deshmukh & Others (the Defendants) from using the pirated/unlicensed software of the Plaintiff’s company.
13 May 2011
Determination Of Terms Of Broadcasting Licence: Music Choice Ordered To Approach Copyright Board
Royalty and Remuneration to be paid to a Copyright Society can often come under the spotlight of contention.
18 May 2009
Radio Today Broadcasting Entitled To A “Quia Timet” Relief Against IPRS
Radio Today Broadcasting Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘RTB’) had instituted a suit against the Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘IPRS’), vide “Radio Today Broadcasting Ltd. v. Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd & Ors.” (A.P.O. NO. 109 of 2006 in C.S. No. 90 of 2006) in order to seek a declaration to the effect that IPRS and/or its members had no right to issue licences or claim payment of licence fees in relation to the broadcasting of works embodied in sou
28 Apr 2009
Contemplating Compulsory Licensing: A Comparison Between The Components
Compulsory licensing is the "buzz-word" doing the rounds of the Indian Pharma Industry. With the first compulsory license application for anti-cancer drugs being underway, the law governing the regime finds itself under the speculative eye.
29 Aug 2008
The Trade Name Game
Anybody looking for commercial viability cannot ignore the facet of having a mark that speaks for itself. Infringement suits take place day in and day out to beat the vicious rival.
7 Jul 2008
Madrid System Of International Registration Of Trademarks
The use of the Madrid System, by the trademark owners, to protect their trademarks abroad has obligated the staff of WIPO to organize a seminar and invite speakers to increase awareness and practical knowledge among the independent and in-house trademark agents as well as attorneys.
7 Nov 2006
Data Exclusivity & Patents Unrelated
The seven different forms of intellectual property rights stipulated in TRIPS are patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, protection of IC layout design and protection of undisclosed information. Each one is independent of each other and protects different aspects of an inventive work and extends different rights to the owner.
7 Nov 2006
Exploring Legal Spaces in Fashion
Fashion is a massive industry that thrives in a competitive global environment. Its economic and cultural influence is enormous and it invades every possible creative sectors. The fashion industry primarily depends on creativity which is considered to be of a fundamental nature and impractical to be owned outright as a property. It is precisely because fashion pervades many aspects of our lives. The sharing and appropriations of creativeness is the foundation of the assimilation of fashion in th
5 Sep 2006
New Pleadings Cannot Be Included During The Pendency
International Tractors Limited had filed a suit for permanent injunction to restrain the employees, agents etc. of Punjab Tractors Ltd. from dealing in tractors, tractor housings, or components similar to those in the drawings made by CMERI, in respect of tractors up to 60 HP with the exception of 20 HP tractors.
24 Mar 2006
"GLUCON-D" – Not An Exclusive Property
The Mark "GLUCON-D" was granted registration by the Indian Trade Marks Registry under registration No. 305664/30 on May 21, 1975 in relation to "Glucose (for food), Flour and Preparations Made from Cereals, Bread, Biscuits (Not for animals), Pastry and Confectionary (Non-Medicated), Milk Chocolate" in the name of Glaxo Laboratories (Indian) Limited.
23 Mar 2006
INTEL Wins Passing Off Action in India
After Infosys case, Intel Corporation V. Retd Admiral B.R. Vasant & Arn. is yet another case of infringement involving top IT brands in India. Like Infosys case, Intel also successfully prosecuted its case; difference being that in former defendant contested his case while the latter was decided exparte.
12 Dec 2005
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