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Council Of The EU Formally Adopts EU Copyright Directive
After the EU Copyright Directive was passed by the EU Parliament last month (see our original blog post for further details), it was formally approved by the Council of the European Union on April 15
European Union
2 May 2019
Unified Patent Court Agreement Ratified by the UK
The UK ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement ("UPCA") on 26 April 2018. The UPCA will introduce the Unified Patent Court which will establish a single scheme for patent litigation across contracting Member States.
16 May 2018
European Commission Publishes Revised Guidelines On Criteria For Orphan Designations Of Medicinal Products
The eligibility is based on the risk of EU residents becoming affected by the disease.
European Union
12 Jan 2017
Brexit: How will it affect my business? The implications for data privacy, intellectual property and information technology matters
Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016, it has been announced that the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union ("Brexit").
24 Jun 2016
Using Open Source and Creative Commons Licences - CL-IPs #2
CL-IPs is an educational YouTube series made by the law firm Mayer Brown International. The goal of the series is to help online content producers understand legal issues in the field of intellectual property and technology.
16 May 2016
Copyright and Fair Use (Video content)
Our pilot episode (below) provides a crash course on copyright basics and explains the notorious fair-use exception. We would welcome feedback and suggestions for future content.
15 Apr 2016
Intellectual Property, Technology & Data Protection 2016: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property, technology and data protection in 2016.
European Union
2 Mar 2016
The Trade Secrets Directive: A New Framework To Protect Confidential Information
In November 2013 the European Commission published proposals for a Trade Secrets Directive with the intention of improving the protection of information that is fundamental to the success of many businesses.
1 May 2015
UK Audit Rights Should Reflect The Relationship Between Customer And Service Provider
A recent English High Court Decision is a useful reminder that audit provisions are not always standard form "boiler plate" provisions which can be adopted in a uniform way across a variety of licensing or outsourcing arrangements.
23 Mar 2015
Intellectual Property & Data Protection 2015: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
Please find below a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property and data protection in 2015.
22 Jan 2015
EU Advocate General: No Injunction Against Users Of Standard Essential Patents Without An Offer To License
The owner of a standard essential patent (SEP) may have to make a licence offer before seeking an injunction, following the non binding opinion of the Advocate General in the Huawei/ZTE case before the EU’s top court.
19 Dec 2014
Copyright Developments In 2014: A Quick Overview
The UK and European copyright framework is undergoing some substantial changes which will impact on businesses and consumers alike.
29 Apr 2014
Intellectual Property & Data Protection 2014: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property and data protection in 2014.
6 Feb 2014
UK Court Blocks Stream Aggregator’s Domain
The latest in a line of cases in which English courts have ordered ISPs to block the domains of peer-to-peer websites showing pirated material has now applied the same principles to a hugely successful stream aggregator of sports content.
26 Jul 2013
UK Supreme Court Decides When Making Spare Parts Amounts To Patent Infringement, And The Consequences For Failing To Register A Patent Licence
The UK Supreme Court has unanimously ruled on an important commercial activity for patentees and spare part manufacturers, namely when supplying replacement parts constitutes patent infringement.
27 Mar 2013
Rights In Data – Football Dataco Case Goes To UK Court Of Appeal
The long-running Football Dataco case, relating to rights in data and infringement on the internet, has now reached the UK Court of Appeal.
19 Mar 2013
Software Copyright - New Developments In The UK
The UK Courts have recently decided a high-profile software copyright case, following clarification on some key issues from the European Court.
6 Mar 2013
Major Changes In The Pipeline For EU Rules On Technology Licensing
The European Commission has moved a step closer to adopting tougher anti-trust rules on technology licensing and has launched a public consultation on these.
27 Feb 2013
UK ICO Imposes A £250,000 Penalty For A Security Breach Which Exposed The Personal Data Of Millions Of Consumers
The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (the "ICO") has fined Sony £250,000 for what it describes as "one of the most serious" cases ever reported to it following a breach of security of its PlayStation Network Platform (the "PlayStation Platform").
5 Feb 2013
Intellectual Property & Life Sciences 2013: Legal Developments You Need To Know About
This is a short guide to some of the key legal developments for intellectual property in the life sciences sector in 2013.
European Union
25 Jan 2013
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