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SK Initiated And Legally Supported Police Operation
Sayenko Kharenko has initiated and provided legal support to a police operation that led to raids on more than a dozen manufacture facilities and the seizure of 150+ tons of counterfeited household chemicals.
29 Oct 2019
Patent Monopoly: Est Modus In Rebus?
During the long journey from the Statute of Anne and early French patents to the strong patent systems for today's high-tech inventions, humanity has
2 Aug 2019
Hike Of Official Fees For Filing, Prosecuting, And Maintaining Intellectual Property In Ukraine As Of 19 July 2019
Throughout the past year, there has been speculation over the potential increase of official fees for filing, prosecuting and maintaining intellectual property in Ukraine.
19 Jul 2019
Brands & Trends 2019, Issue I
The AMC has recently joined a league of trade secret enforcement bodies through passing its first ever decision to protect a business from the unlawful use of its trade secrets by a competitor.
26 Feb 2019
Brands & Trends 2018, Issue I
The case we address below in more detail may become a precedent setter since for the first time a court has resolved the issue that was subject to heated debate: whether the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement ...
10 Apr 2018
Brands & Trends 2017, Issue III
Two sagas on non-use trademark cancellation come to an end but set homework for trademark owners.
27 Oct 2017
The Parliament Of Ukraine Adopted Long-Awaited Notice-And-Takedown Procedure To Help Rights Holders Protect Copyright And Related Rights On The Internet
On 23 March 2017, the Parliament of Ukraine has overridden the President's veto and repeatedly adopted the Law of Ukraine "On State Support of Cinematography in Ukraine".
7 Apr 2017
A Practical Cross Border Insight Into Aviation Law 2017'
Please list and briefly describe the principal legislation and regulatory bodies which apply to and/ or regulate aviation in your jurisdiction.
6 Mar 2017
Sayenko Kharenko – Legal Counsel To Porsche Ukraine On The IP-Related Issues
Sayenko Kharenko's IP team successfully represented interests of Porsche Ukraine with respect to protection of VW, AUDI, SEAT brands in Ukraine.
23 Feb 2017
Brands & Trends. February 2017
The main advantages of the unfair competition law are flexibility and non-exhaustive list of practices that may actually be qualified as unfair competition.
15 Feb 2017
Publishing House "Yuridicheskaya Practika". Commentary On The Ability To Search The Trade Marks′ Registration Application By Date Of Completion Of The Formal Examination (In Russian)
Было бы очень хорошо, если бы ГСИС Украины внедрила возможность поиска по дате заве
Russian Federation
26 Sep 2016
Brands & Trends Newsletter - August 2016
On 23 August 2016, the Ukrainian Government (the " Government") green lighted the winding up procedure by the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine...
23 Sep 2016
Regulatory: Settlements For Purchases Of Intellectual Property Simplified
With effect from 19 August 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine (the "NBU") abolished the requirement for Ukrainian residents to obtain a price evaluation act – an approval from State Enterprise "State Research and Information Centre for International Commodity Markets Monitoring" ("Derzhzovnishinform") – for cross-border payments for purchases of IP rights from foreign residents for the value exceeding EUR 50,000.
21 Sep 2016
Green Light To Establishing A New Patent And Trademark Office: Implications And Lifehacks For Rightsholders
On 23 August 2016, the Ukrainian Government (the "Government") green lighted the winding up procedure of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine (the "Service"), and transformation of State Enterprise "State Intellectual Property Institute of Ukraine" (the "UAPTO") into governmental organization – duumvirate of regulatory bodies, which were regulating the intellectual property system in Ukraine since 2011.
21 Sep 2016
Publishing House "Yuridichna Gazeta". How To Localize Global Software Licenses Of A Parent Company (In Ukrainian)
Останнім часом в мережі з'явля- ється все більше новин про україн- ські центри розроб&
7 Sep 2016
NBU Simplifies Settlements For Purchases Of Services And Intellectual Property Rights
With effect from 19 August 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine (the "NBU") abolished the requirement for Ukrainian residents to obtain a price evaluation act – an approval from State Enterprise "State Research and Information Centre for Monitoring International Commodity Markets" (Derzhzovnishinform) – to make cross-border payments for the purchase of services and IP rights from foreign residents in the amount exceeding EUR 50,000.
26 Aug 2016
Oleksandr Padalka Named "IP Star" By Managing Intellectual Property 2016
Sayenko Kharenko's partner Oleksandr Padalka has once again been recognized as "Trademark Star" according to the IP Stars 2016 Handbook released by Managing IP, the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to leading IP firms and lawyers.
4 Aug 2016
Brands & Trends. June 2016
On 2 June 2016, it finally happened! This day the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a package of laws giving the green light to the long-awaited reform of judicial system in Ukraine.
3 Jul 2016
Requirements Regarding Import Of Goods To The Arab Republic Of Egypt Have Been Amended
With effect from 26 March 2016, the National Bank of Ukraine (the "NBU") has excluded export-credit agency loans from cross-border loan prepayment restrictions.
29 Jun 2016
Brands Update - May 2016
While one of the beverage giants is fighting for "Zero" trademark rights on the other side of the Atlantic, Ukrainian brewers are fighting for Ukrainian version of "zero" trademark. Yet, the focus of battle in Ukraine differs.
10 Jun 2016
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