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The Realm of Domain Names: An Indian Perspective
In the realm of cyberspace, when you browse a particular website on the Internet, it is actually the Internet Protocol address (IP address) that establishes the link between your computer and the particular website you are searching for. IP address is like a name of a person or moreover like a telephone number. It helps in identifying a particular computer connected to the Internet where the website is hosted on the Internet.
3 Aug 2005
Trade Marks: Identity that Demands Protection
Trademark means a mark adopted by a trader, manufacturer or service provider as a distinctive mark of authenticity. It indicates a connection between the goods or services to which the mark is applied and some persons having the right to use the mark. It offers an assurance to the buyers as to the source of origin of goods that they are buying.
25 Jul 2005
Making It Trips Way - India’s New Patent Regime
Patent is a monopoly or exclusive right granted by State in favour of an inventor in respect of an invention. It is granted to the person who is entitled for it and who fulfills the prescribed conditions imposed by state for such grant. It may also be described as an official document which gives the patentee right of ownership of an invention.
18 Jul 2005
Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design In Indian IP Regime
In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, IP rights are key elements needed to maintain an edge in the market. It is crucial that the companies understand that what can be protected and how within their respective countries.
24 Sep 2004
An Insight on Copyright, Geographical Indications and Confidential Information Laws in India
The provisions pertaining to Copyrights and their protection in India are governed by the Copyright Act, 1957. Copyright exists in expression of an idea and it is not a right in the novelty of an idea. Copyright protects skill, labour and capital employed by the author. Its object is to protect the writer and author from the unlawful reproduction, plagiarism, piracy, copying and imitation.
7 Sep 2004
Indian Industrial Designs Legislation Shaped To International Trends
The development of Intellectual Property Rights reflects the economic as well as industrial growth of a nation. The concept of globalization has greatly affected the importance of Intellectual Property Rights. Intellectual Property Rights have brought about considerable progress in the field of science and technology.
16 Aug 2004
Patents - The Present Indian Scenario
In the beginning of it all, everything belonged to everyone. Gradually people started associating themselves with some or the other things and became their owners. But with this possession came the threat of its being stolen or taken away.
16 Aug 2004
Biotechnology Laws in India
Biotechnology involves the modification of the basic genetic material in living things namely DNA , which imparts new properties and capabilities in organisms including plants, animals and micro organisms which can be harnessed for a number of useful applications.
17 May 2004
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