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Separating The Good From The Bad: UK Supreme Court Clarifies "Blue Pencil" Test In Restraint Of Trade Cases
On July 3, 2019, in a long-awaited judgment the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom clarified the correct approach to deciding whether words can be severed from a post-employment covenant to leave an employee bound by...
11 Jul 2019
Supreme Court Rules On FOIA And The Protection Of Sensitive Company Information
A recent Supreme Court case determined that private commercial and financial information that is transmitted to the federal government under an assurance of privacy is considered "confidential" and not subject to disclosure...
United States
11 Jul 2019
Oregon Modifies Noncompete Law For 2020
On May 14, 2019, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill (HB) 2992, which imposes a new burden on employers that want to have enforceable noncompetition agreements with their Oregon employees.
United States
29 May 2019
Washington State Governor Signs Legislation Restricting Noncompetition Covenants
On May 8, 2019, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed new restrictions on noncompetition covenants for Washington employees.
United States
23 May 2019
Washington State Legislature Adopts Law Restricting Noncompetition Agreements
The income threshold is likely to be the most widely reported facet of the act.
United States
26 Apr 2019
The Burgeoning Use Of "Strong" Anti-SLAPP Statutes In Employment Law
The acronym SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation."
United States
15 Mar 2019
Gig Economy Temporary Staffing With Smartphone Apps: 7 Legal And Practical Considerations For Employers
New technologies that enable temporary staffing candidates to find positions via applications that use algorithms to match people to positions, are here.
United States
27 Dec 2018
September To Remember (Beltway Buzz - September 7, 2018)
Congress returned this week, and Capitol Hill policymakers are girding themselves for a busy month of September.
United States
10 Sep 2018
Protecting Confidential Information And Trade Secrets When Employees Leave The Company
When employees leave a company—whether it is due to a voluntary or involuntary separation—their former employers may worry about the security of the company's confidential information and trade secrets.
United States
6 Sep 2018
Departing Employees: Ensuring Protection Of Trade Secrets And Intellectual Property
Protecting the sanctity of that information on the departure of a key employee is vital.
United States
27 Sep 2017
The Not-So-Secret Recipe: How Restaurants Can Protect Their Trade Secrets
Restaurant fortunes are often attributable to just one or two signature dishes, and recipe ownership dilemmas can arise in restaurants of all sizes.
United States
17 Aug 2017
The Defend Trade Secrets Act: A Q&A With Neil Mckittrick
The DTSA was largely modeled on the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). However, the DTSA contains several unique provisions. Under extraordinary circumstances, an owner of a trade secret...
United States
7 Aug 2017
California Court Declines To Issue DTSA Seizure Order
On January 6, 2016, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued one of its first decisions interpreting the ex parte seizure provisions found in the recently enacted Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA).
United States
23 Jan 2017
California Court Affirms That Customer Lists Can Qualify As Trade Secrets
In Wanke, the appellate court affirmed that under some circumstances, a company’s customer list can qualify as a trade secret.
United States
22 Nov 2012
Indiana Supreme Court Clarifies State Blacklisting Statute
The Indiana Supreme Court recently provided its first comprehensive discussion of Indiana’s Blacklisting Statute, Ind. Code § 22-5-3-2, in more than a century.
United States
12 Apr 2012
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