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Spring Cleaning: Tidying Up Your "Reasonable Efforts" To Maintain Trade Secrets
It's among an in-house counsel's worst nightmares. A former business partner, ex-employee, consultant, or competitor has stolen your company's trade secret information. Company management
United States
15 May 2019
Race To The Finish: Autonomous Vehicle Technology At The Forefront Of Alleged Trade Secrets Theft
The stakes couldn't be higher in the race amongst Silicon Valley self-driving companies vying to be the first to bring the industry-changing technology to market.
United States
1 May 2019
RICO Killer: DTSA Non-Retroactivity Wipes Out Racketeering Claim Based On Trade Secret Theft
On May 11, 2016, the U.S. Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) created a federal remedy for trade secret misappropriation and added trade secret theft as an act that can form a predicate for Racketeering
United States
22 Apr 2019
Comment Period On Regulations Relating To Mechanical Licensing Collective Created By The Music Modernization Act
On March 13, 2019, the Copyright Royalty Judges issued regulations regarding the procedures for determination and allocation of assessments to fund the mechanical licensing collective ...
United States
9 Apr 2019
Third Circuit: Spying On Former Employee's Social Media Account Does Not Constitute "Unclean Hands" To Bar Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim
Consider this: a former employee has just left his or her employer and may have taken trade secrets to a competitor.
United States
4 Apr 2019
Intellectual Property - Trademark - The World In U.S. Courts: Winter 2019
Alibaba Group Holding Limited v. Alibabacoin Foundation, US District Court for the Southern District of New York, October 22, 2019
United States
2 Apr 2019
Personal Jurisdiction/Forum Non Conveniens - The World In U.S. Courts: Winter 2019
Agis Software Development LLC v. HTC Corporation, US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, September 28, 2018
United States
27 Mar 2019
The World In U.S. Courts: Winter 2019
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United States
25 Mar 2019
"Aloha" To Federal Jurisdiction Over Trade Secrets Claims
As two recent cases show, how one pleads its case under the Defend Trade Secrets Act can be the difference between whether "aloha" means hello or goodbye to federal jurisdiction.
United States
4 Mar 2019
Senate Judiciary Committee Creates IP Subcommittee To Combat IP Theft
Last week, the United States Senate Judiciary Committee announced the creation of a new subcommittee on intellectual property
United States
18 Feb 2019
Another California Court Raises Doubts On Employee Non-Solicitation Provisions
Last November, we discussed the potential impact of a recent California appellate court decision, AMN Healthcare, Inc. v. Aya Healthcare Services, Inc. ...
United States
15 Feb 2019
Using Non-Compete Agreements In Employment Contracts To Protect Trade Secrets
Employers in many industries use non-compete agreements as a key tool to protect trade secrets.
United States
7 Feb 2019
Bad Artists Copy. Good Artists Steal: Trade Secrets In The Art World
In the small world of exclusive and upscale art sales, competing galleries inevitably form and maintain relationships with one another.
United States
30 Jan 2019
The New Madison Approach Goes To Court
On January 11, 2019, the U.S. DOJ Antitrust Division (Division) filed a Notice of Intent to File a Statement of Interest in a lawsuit filed ...
United States
29 Jan 2019
A 2018 Trade Secrets Year In Review
With the holidays behind us and our calendars flipped over to 2019, we're taking a look back at some key trade secrets developments of the past year.
United States
17 Jan 2019
Possession Is Not 9/10ths Of The Law In Continuing Use Misappropriation Under DTSA
When Congress enacted the DTSA on May 11, 2016, it left open the issue of whether the DTSA would apply to misappropriation that occurred prior.
United States
17 Jan 2019
To Patent Or Not To Patent? Preserving Trade Secret Status During Prosecution
Amid a growing body of unsettled law regarding the patentability of software and business methods patents, companies are increasingly choosing to maintain ...
United States
19 Dec 2018
Titanic Texas Trade Secrets Verdict Contested As Colossal Collusion
A $700 million jury award for trade secrets misappropriation and fraud is the product of a collusive scheme to deceive the jury
United States
13 Dec 2018
Intellectual Property - Patents - The World In U.S. Courts: Summer-Fall 2018
The overseas events giving rise to the lost-profit damages here were incidental to the infringement.
United States
6 Dec 2018
Intellectual Property - Trademark - The World In U.S. Courts: Summer-Fall 2018
It also cited Scrutinizer's post-litigation application for a US trademark, which it concluded reflected a "desire to deal with" the US market.
United States
6 Dec 2018
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