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ILS Expands Into New Jurisdictions
John Dykstra, of Maples Group, assesses the resilience and growth of the ILS market.
Cayman Islands
5 Jun 2019
Insurance & Reinsurance 2018
All persons carrying on, or desiring to carry on, insurance business (including reinsurance business) in or from the Cayman Islands need to be licensed under the Cayman Islands Insurance Law.
Cayman Islands
23 Mar 2018
Do AIFs Need To Produce A PRIIPs KID?
A retail investor under PRIIPs is any investor who is not classified as a "professional client" under MiFID II.
17 Jan 2018
New AML Regulations: Application To Insurance & Unregulated Investment Entities
The Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, 2017 ("AML Regulations") were gazetted on 20 September 2017 and came into force on 2 October 2017.
Cayman Islands
6 Nov 2017
ILS In The Cayman Islands (2017)
In this article John Dykstra discusses the appeal of the Cayman Islands as the jurisdiction of choice for cat bonds and other ILS products.
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2017
Insurance & Reinsurance 2017: Cayman Islands
A practical cross-border insight into insurance and reinsurance law
Cayman Islands
17 Mar 2017
Statement Of Guidance On Professional Indemnity Insurance
A new Statement of Guidance was recently issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority which sets out their minimum standards in relation to professional indemnity insurance coverage.
Cayman Islands
30 Sep 2016
The International Comparative Legal Guide: Insurance And Reinsurance 5th Ed.: Cayman Islands
In this Q&A Abraham Thoppil and Luke Stockdale provide an overview of the law as it relates to insurance and reinsurance in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
23 Mar 2016
Cayman Islands Portfolio Insurance Company Regime Now In Force
As noted in our client update of 3 April 2013, the Insurance Law, 2010 (the "Law") was amended to allow for a segregated portfolio company ("SPC") to register subsidiary companies as portfolio insurance companies (each a "PIC") with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA").
Cayman Islands
17 Jan 2015
Insurance & Reinsurance Law & Regulation: Cayman Islands
An overview of the regulations and regimes governing insurance and reinsurance in the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
30 Oct 2014
Considerations for Hedge Fund Managers Evaluating Reinsurance Vehicles in Cayman
In this article, Tim Frawley of Maples and Calder and Karey B. Dearden of Ernst & Young highlight some key reasons driving interest in the Cayman Islands as a domicile for the establishment of reinsurance vehicles.
Cayman Islands
11 Oct 2014
Cayman Islands
4 Aug 2003
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