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The English High Court Provides Much Needed Guidance On The Effectiveness Of Sanction Exclusion Language, Following The USA's Withdrawal From The JCPOA
After a tumultuous year in the Iranian sanctions landscape, much needed guidance is starting to trickle down through the English courts as to the scope and application of the US secondary sanctions and the EU Blocking Regulation regimes.
31 Oct 2018
Getting The Arbitrator Right
This week the Commercial Court handed down judgment in Tonicstar Limited v (1) Allianz Insurance PLC; (2) Sirius International Insurance Corporation ( PUBL) (London Branch) [2017]...
10 Nov 2017
The UK Supreme Court: Reintroducing ‘Flexibility' Or ‘Uncertainty' Into The Interpretation Of Aggregation Clauses?
The UK Supreme Court has handed down its decision in AIG Europe Limited v Woodman and others [2017] UKSC 18. In doing so, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal.
29 Mar 2017
The Expanded French Class Action System May Impact Liability and Insurance Coverage For Corporations Domiciled and Doing Business in France
Although the French class action system has gotten off to a slow start with only 6 actions initiated to date, the recently and anticipated expanded scope of the French class action system will impact the potential liability and insurance coverage of corporations domiciled and doing business in France.
19 Nov 2016
Buy-Side Warranty And Indemnity Insurance – Increased Coverage Gaps
As warranty and indemnity insurance continues to offer bespoke policies in an ever competitive market, we consider the key considerations for buyers at the outset of a transaction and the common gaps in coverage.
11 Nov 2016
The Insurance Act 2015: Complying With The Duty To Make A Fair Presentation And Contracting Out Of The New Act
The Insurance Act 2015 came into force on 12 August 2016 and introduced major changes in English law in relation to insurance and all forms of reinsurance.
9 Sep 2016
Changes To UK Insurance Law
Major changes to insurance law came into force on 12 August 2016 by virtue of the Insurance Act 2015.
22 Aug 2016
Distinguishing ‘Collateral Lies' From The Fraudulent Claims Rules In Insurance Contracts: The Lie Is Dishonest But The Claim Is Not
In Versloot Dredging BV and another v HDI Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG and others [2016] UKSC 45, handed down, last month, the Supreme Court ruled that a "collateral lie" made during the course of an insurance claim would not lead to repudiation of the claim.
17 Aug 2016
The Insurance Act 2015 Came Into Effect On Friday – A Brief Primer Before You Renew Or Buy A New Policy
The Insurance Act 2015 (the Act) came into force on 12 August 2016, introducing major changes in English law in relation to insurance and all forms of reinsurance.
15 Aug 2016
The Advantages Of The New English Insurance Law
The Insurance Act 2015 (the Act) came into force on 12 August 2016, introducing major changes in English law in relation to insurance and all forms of reinsurance.
15 Aug 2016
Warranty And Indemnity Insurance Gaining Traction In ASEAN
While the use of warranty and indemnity insurance has become relatively commonplace in the U.S. and European M&A markets over the last decade or so, it has struggled to gain a meaningful foothold in ASEAN during the same period.
13 Jul 2016
Taking Rights Over Third Party Insurances
Even if it is not possible to analyse the policy terms, it is good practice to obtain a copy of the full policy wording.
20 May 2016
Direct Claims Against Insurers And Anti-Suit Injunctions
The Court of Appeal considered the juridical nature of a foreign statute which gives a victim the right to sue a defendant's insurer directly without first suing the insured.
28 Apr 2016
Injury Resulting From Exposure To Asbestos Does Not Exist Separately To The Injury Of Anxiety To Workers Of Classified Establishments
This client alert is relevant for companies that are exposed to industrial risks in France, and addresses in particular the asbestos cases and the related injuries.
15 Mar 2016
Commodity Finance: Protecting The Lender's Rights Over The Borrower's Insurance
This is because if the goods are damaged, lost or stolen, the borrower may be unable to repay its indebtedness under the loan when due.
21 Jan 2016
In The Wake Of France's Adoption Of A Class Action Model, Companies Domiciled And Doing Business In France Should Ensure Insurance Coverage Is In Place To Respond To These New And Uncertain Risks
In the wake of the institution of class action claims in France, where, unlike the U.S. class action model, liability and damages are assessed prior to "massification" of the class, corporations should prepare for these new risks by guaranteeing that insurance coverage is in place for defense costs and potential losses arising from class-based claims in France.
25 Sep 2015
Plain, Intelligible Language Necessary For Insurance Contracts
The ECJ, in the case of Jean-Claude Van Hove v CNP Assurances SA, confirmed that insurers must make sure their consumer customers understand the economic consequences of the insurance policies they take out.
European Union
16 Jul 2015
The Insurance Act 2015: What You Need To Know
The long awaited reforms to business insurance law have now been enacted in the Insurance Act 2015.
25 Feb 2015
"Brillante Virtuoso" Held To Have Been A Constructive Total Loss
The High Court recently held that the "Brillante Virtuoso" was a constructive total loss ("CTL") following an attack by pirates in July 2011.
22 Jan 2015
The Duties Of An Insurance Broker When Placing Business Interruption Insurance
What does your CFO/risk manager know about BI insurance?
2 Dec 2014
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