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Deal Protections: Market Practice Analysis
Against the background of a growing merger and acquisition market, a swelling number of bidders seek protection for their deals.
17 Oct 2017
BMA's New Approach For Commercial Insurers
Continuing its recast of the Bermuda regulatory regime applicable to the insurance industry, the Bermuda Monetary Authority...
18 Jul 2016
Resilient Bermuda Stays On Top
Bermuda's role as a global risk hub is as strong as ever, explains Tim Faries, Bermuda managing partner, Bermuda group head, and corporate group team leader, insurance at law firm Appleby.
26 Feb 2016
The Role Of ILS In Portfolio Diversification
Insurance-linked securities (ILS) are financial instruments issued by insurers and reinsurers to manage their exposure to low-frequency but high-severity losses.
22 Jun 2015
Jersey Insurance Business Transfer Schemes
According to a report earlier this year published by Grant Thornton (Global Insurers – Mergers & Acquisitions) "… improved macroeconomic conditions in developed countries, allied to the availability of attractive financing options is having a positive effect on [insurance] firms’ appetite to re-enter the M&A market."
26 Nov 2014
Why Bermuda Is The Natural Domicile For Life (Re)Insurers
Bermuda has long been known as a centre of excellence and innovation in the world of (re)insurance.
16 Oct 2014
Bermuda Makes Key Changes To Clarify Life Insurance Legislation
Bermuda's Life Insurance Amendment Act 2014 became operative on 24 June 2014 and makes two key amendments to the Life Insurance Act 1978.
4 Aug 2014
Captive Domicile Of Choice For Latin America
Latin America has become an emerging market for Bermuda's world-leading captive insurance industry.
26 Jun 2013
Prison For Directors Breaching A Freezing Order
A freezing injunction is an order granted under Rule 7.16 (f) of the Isle of Man Rules of the High Court of Justice 2009.
Isle of Man
12 Feb 2013
Bermuda Reinsurance Market - Recent Trends
BERMUDA’S ROLE as a pre-eminent jurisdiction for reinsurance has long been established, and Bermuda is now considered to be one of the three largest jurisdictions for insurance and reinsurance, and, more significantly, the reinsurance capital of the world. the size and role of the Bermuda insurance and reinsurance market is epitomised by the value of its aggregate capital and surplus (US$185 billion in 2011) and total assets (US$524 billion in 2011), no small feat for a remote island in the midd
5 Dec 2012
Jersey Ready To Go As An Insurance-Linked Securities Domicile
The use of insurance-linked securities ("ILS") to transform insurance risks to the capital markets has increased and evolved over the last decade, and the trend is expected to continue.
6 Dec 2011
Guide To Insurance Companies In Guernsey (October 2011)
Guernsey is well renowned for its insurance industry, which has origins dating back to the 18th century and has an excellent reputation for innovation and professionalism in international insurance.
21 Oct 2011
Long-Term Insurer Reclassification Requirements
The Bermuda Monetary Authority (the "BMA") has published a press release to advise that in accordance with the Insurance Amendment (No. 3) Act 2010 (the "Amendment Act") every insurer that registered as a long-term insurer on or before 31 December 2010 shall apply to the BMA, before 30 September 2011, to be reclassified as a Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D or Class E long-term insurer.
16 Sep 2011
The Modern World
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has for some time been among the top five offshore jurisdictions in the world for the domiciliation of captive insurance vehicles.
British Virgin Islands
12 Jan 2011
No Power To Vary A Fixed Trust
In the recent case of In the Matter of the Turino Consolidated Ltd. Retirement Trust [2008] JRC100, the Royal Court considered the variation of a fixed trust.
18 Jul 2008
The Duty Of Full And Frank Disclosure: Zeller V British Caymanian Insurance Co Ltd
The issue in Zeller v British Caymanian Insurance Co Ltd was whether a material non-disclosure had been made by an insured in completing a proposal form relating to the relevant insurance cover.
Cayman Islands
10 Jul 2008
Bermuda´s New Solvency Capital Requirements
Bermuda is shortly to introduce new risk-based capital standards for insurance companies. The purpose of the Bermuda Solvency Capital Requirement ("BSCR") is to allow the Bermuda Monetary Authority ("BMA") to analyse the impact and probability of failures among regulated insurers.
20 Jun 2008
Insurance Update: Summary of the Insurance Amendment Acts of 2006
Recent legislative amendments in Bermuda have bolstered the powers of the Bermuda Monetary Authority (“the BMA”), the independent body charged with the supervision and regulation of the financial services industry on the island.
30 May 2007
Insurance Update
Cayman is developing into a 21st century model of how capital markets can meet the needs of reinsurance. The scope for new capital markets vehicles to underwrite reinsurance risk is growing, and Cayman has the professional infrastructure and the legal, regulatory and tax environment to welcome them. Following several active hurricane seasons, Cayman has become a centre for catastrophe insurance securitisations and sidecar reinsurance vehicles.
Cayman Islands
30 May 2007
Reinsurance Arbitration in Bermuda
Reinsurance Arbitration in Bermuda
13 Jan 2006
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