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The Value of Specialised Financial Statement Preparation for Alternative Investment Funds
It can be a highly useful exercise to examine any identifiable challenges in the annual reporting process.
Cayman Islands
10 Sep 2019
British Virgin Islands Regulatory Obligations And Filing Deadlines 2019
Important filing deadlines as well as procedures for submission of information to the relevant authorities with regard to audited accounts, fund annual returns, record keeping, register of directors and AEOI.
British Virgin Islands
31 May 2019
BVI Country-By-Country Reporting Guidance Released And Updated CRS Guidance Notes
Further to our previous updates, the BVI ITA, on 19 February 2019, published guidance notes on the CbCR requirements of entities that are resident in the BVI and updated guidance notes on the OECD's CRS.
British Virgin Islands
8 Mar 2019
Corporate Legislative Update - Ireland
The Credit Reporting Act 2013 (the "CRA") established an official statutory register (the "Register") operated by the Central Bank of Ireland ("CBI") to record the amount of credit in the Irish economy.
Cayman Islands
12 Oct 2018
BVI Companies: Urgent Action Required To Avoid Potential Strike Off
As previously advised, all companies existing before 1 April 2016 (each an "Existing Company") were required to file particulars of their current directors with the Registrar of Corporate Affairs (the "Registrar").
Cayman Islands
28 Sep 2018
BVI Regulatory Obligations And Filing Deadlines 2018
Pursuant to the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 and the Mutual Funds Regulations, 2010, all BVI private, professional and public funds and all BVI investment business licence holders...
British Virgin Islands
17 May 2018
FATCA Withstands Challenge In Court
The penal withholding tax provisions of FATCA are making it difficult for US citizens to do business with foreign (non-US) financial institutions
Cayman Islands
31 Aug 2017
BVI Extends CRS Reporting Deadline
Some welcome news that the BVI government has extended the CRS reporting deadline by several days to 1 September, 2017.
British Virgin Islands
18 Aug 2017
BVI AEOI Update: CRS Reporting Deadline Further Extended
As a result of a tropical wave that affected the territory of the British Virgin Islands last week, the Government of the BVI has now announced that the deadline for the submission of CRS reports...
British Virgin Islands
16 Aug 2017
Cayman Islands & BVI AEOI Update: Extended Reporting Deadlines
Pursuant to an industry advisory dated 19 July 2017, the Department for International Tax Cooperation has announced a final extension of the 2017 Reporting Deadline for FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
21 Jul 2017
BVI Regulatory Obligations And Filing Deadlines 2017
During the past year we have seen that the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") has become increasingly strict with payment and filing deadline...
British Virgin Islands
2 Jun 2017
BVI Regulatory Obligations And Filing Deadlines 2016
During the past year we have seen that the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") Financial Services Commission (the "Commission") has become increasingly strict with payment and filing deadline contraventions...
British Virgin Islands
26 May 2016
UCITS 2013 Report
Stephen Carty and Aoife Kemp of Maples and Calder consider the outlook for alternative UCITS and assess the feasibilty of the newly introduced retail investor alternative investment fund as another option for investors.
28 Oct 2013
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