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Back To Basics: Navigating A SARS Audit And Dispute Process
The obligation to make payment by a taxpayer of an assessment is not suspended merely because that taxpayer intends on disputing such assessment
South Africa
29 Oct 2018
Final Notice Of Duty To Keep Records, Books Of Account Or Documents In Terms Of The TAA
Following a round of public comments in relation to the Draft Notice, on 28 October 2016, SARS released a final version of the notice, setting out the documents required to be kept specifically for transfer pricing purposes.
South Africa
18 Nov 2016
Requests For Relevant Material: A Delicate Balance Between SARS’ Powers And Taxpayer’s Rights
Practically, relevance can only be determined at the time that the information is requested and such information must remain within the scope of the audit.
South Africa
19 Feb 2015
Fraud Perpetrated By The Change Of Banking Details
Fraud can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands if not millions of Rands if not detected early enough.
South Africa
19 Jun 2014
Deductibility Of Audit Fees
The Supreme Court of Appeal delivered judgment in the case of Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service v Mobile Telephone Networks Holdings Ltd.
South Africa
16 Apr 2014
SARS Audits And Taxpayers’ Rights
The Tax Administration Act, Act 28 of 2011brought with it many changes to not only taxpayers' rights and obligations but the reciprocal rights and obligations on the part of the South African Revenue Service in its continuous business of revenue collection.
South Africa
8 Jul 2013
Time Periods For Submissions To SARS
When a taxpayer is required to respond to the South African Revenue Service ("SARS") pursuant to a request for information or an audit being conducted into their affairs, in general two issues may arise, namely (1) uncertainty as to the time period prescribed by when the taxpayer must respond or supply the requested information to SARS and (2) the question of how such time period is to be determined.
South Africa
27 Apr 2012
Capital Gains Tax Consequences Pursuant To A Bequest Releasing A Debtor From A Debt Owed To The Deceased
Since the introduction of capital gains tax it has been a contentious issue whether capital gains tax would arise in circumstances where a testator releases a debtor from a debt owed by the debtor to the testator or where the testator would bequeath the subject matter of the debt to the debtor resulting in potential set-off or confusio.
South Africa
8 Sep 2005
Recoupment by a Partner Pursuant to the Disposal of a Partnership Interest
The question whether there can ever be a recoupment by a partner to the extent that he disposes of his interest in a partnership as opposed to a partnership disposing of assets, has always been contentious. In this context it was always contended by taxpayers that there cannot be a recoupment to the extent that a partner disposes of a partnership interest, even though a partnership is not a separate legal entity and income that has accrued to partners in common is deemed to have accrued to each
South Africa
30 Jun 2005
Withholding Taxes in South Africa
The South African Government was traditionally quite reluctant to impose withholding taxes, especially in an attempt to encourage investment into South Africa. Of late, however, it seems that it has been realised that withholding taxes is an effective method of collecting taxes especially in the context of non-residents of South Africa deriving their profits from transactions linked to South Africa.
South Africa
11 Apr 2005
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