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Women In Business: The Path To Leadership
Why do so few women make it to the top of the business world? And what can we do about it?
United Arab Emirates
14 Aug 2019
Corporate Governance For Non-Listed Companies
Transparency and accountability, two often used words in the management and administrative world.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
The UAE Regulatory Framework On Corporate Governance
UAE, an influential player in the Middle East and Africa region and Dubai as the gateway to the world, have created an unparallel example of success through the innovative vision and brilliant leadership of this great nation.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
Importance Of Corporate Governance And Its Basic Principles
Governance is relatively a political concept often used in the administration of a state or territory through multiple functionaries. From that sphere, it is a different thing for different people.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
Economic Substance Law In The UAE: Ahead With Compliance And Governance
A Relevant Entity that only undertakes a Holding Company Business will be subject to less stringent economic substance requirements.
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
The Future Of Leadership: Anticipating 2030
Global business is facing a wave of disruptive influences that look set to spark the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
United Arab Emirates
15 Jul 2019
Dubai Development Authority – New "Ultimate Beneficial Ownership" Requirements
The Dubai Development Authority (DDA), formerly the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, has issued a new circular* on requirements relating
United Arab Emirates
12 Jul 2019
Manager's Responsibilities In Limited Liability Companies
Similar provisions also apply to the general manager of the LLC. Article 219 of the UAE Commercial Companies Law provides that "It shall be mentioned that the company is an LLC, along with the company's capital.
United Arab Emirates
11 Jul 2019
Consequences Of Not Holding An Annual General Meeting
A Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is the most common type of corporate structure that is used in the UAE by investors who intend to carry on business in the mainland.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2019
Cybersecurity In Corporate Governance- A Global Purview
The historical backdrop of cybersecurity started with a research venture. A man named Bob Thomas understood that it was feasible for a computer program to move over a system,
United Arab Emirates
5 Jun 2019
Business Matters Edition: 45 – Nicholas Cully (Video)
In this episode, John speaks to Nicholas Cully who is Managing Director Sovereign Middle East And Group Sales Director.
United Arab Emirates
8 Feb 2019
Family Business - Lebanon
Larger family businesses in Lebanon are structured as closed joint stock companies.
United Arab Emirates
21 Oct 2018
Emiratos Árabes Unidos, el país más complejo para el cumplimiento corporativo
Los Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU) tienen el régimen de cumplimiento más complejo de cualquier país del mundo, según un nuevo informe de TMF Group, un proveedor líder de servicios de negocio de alto valor para clientes que operan e invierten a nivel mundial.
United Arab Emirates
12 Oct 2018
Memorandum Of Association
Memorandum of associations (MOA) are some of the most critical business documents produced in the initial stages of a company's life, and it contains many fundamental elements and information concerning the entity.
United Arab Emirates
28 Sep 2018
Business Setup In Seychelles
Established in the warm cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean safely outside the cyclone belt, Seychelles is a standout amongst the perfect environment.
United Arab Emirates
9 Sep 2018
Corporate Governance In The UAE
Even in a tax-free environment, your accounting matters. Accounting in the UAE is not triggered by tax filing requirements but is more of a corporate law requirement.
United Arab Emirates
6 Sep 2018
Top 10 Challenges Of Doing Business In The United Arab Emirates
The seven emirates that make up the UAE each have their own rules and regulations, which means doing business can sometimes be a challenge.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2018
Company Formation In Abu Dhabi Global Market
The impact of globalization and elimination of trade barriers is considered to be an economic merit that consolidated the domestic markets of the world under one roof.
United Arab Emirates
15 Aug 2017
Are You Aware Of Your Duties As A Manager Or Director?
There are many duties and obligations imposed on Managers and Directors in the UAE of which they must be fully aware in order to avoid violations, as any violation or breach may expose them...
United Arab Emirates
31 Jul 2017
Qatar: Diplomatic Ties Severed: Implications For Business
Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt closed transport links with Qatar from Tuesday 6 June 2017.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
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