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Hong Kong Regulatory Update
This edition provides an overview of key regulatory developments in the past three months relevant to companies listed.
Hong Kong
12 Jul 2019
Hong Kong Regulatory Update – April 2019
This Hong Kong regulatory update provides an overview of key regulatory developments in the past three months relevant to companies listed (or planning to list)
Hong Kong
20 May 2019
The Hong Kong Private Limited Company – Corporate And Tax Particulars
Hong Kong's extensive tax, trade and legal benefits, have made it a popular business choice for foreign investors who want to set up a local company.
Hong Kong
8 Mar 2019
Duties And Liabilities Of NGO Directors
Social welfare services in Hong Kong are supported by the government, as well as a variety of non-governmental organisations.
Hong Kong
1 Oct 2018
FAQs For Founders Or Controlling Shareholders Of Companies Considering A HK IPO
Dual-class shares may now be listed in Hong Kong, with Xiaomi as the first dual-class share structure to have listed
Hong Kong
1 Oct 2018
HKEX Proposes Listing Rules Changes On Independent Non-Executive Directors And Others
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Exchange") recently published two consultation papers proposing changes to:
Hong Kong
10 Nov 2017
Key Changes To The Guidance Note On Corporate Governance For Authorised Insurers In Hong Kong
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) in Hong Kong issued a revised Guidance Note on the Corporate Governance of Authorised Insurers (Revised GN10) in October 2016.
Hong Kong
15 Dec 2016
Is Deregistration Always Preferred For Disposing Of A Private Limited Company?
In Hong Kong, there is a general perception in the market that deregistration is simpler, quicker and less expensive when disposing a private limited company.
Hong Kong
21 Jun 2016
New Companies Ordinance: General Meetings And Shareholders' Written Resolutions
In this newsletter, we will discuss the key changes relating to the general meetings and shareholders' written resolutions under the new Companies Ordinance.
Hong Kong
4 Jun 2014
New Companies Ordinance – 10 Key Changes
The new Companies Ordinance ("New CO") will come into effect on 3 March 2014 ("Commencement Date").
Hong Kong
7 May 2014
The New Companies Ordinance – Forgivable Loans & Quasi-Loans To Company Directors
Do you offer loans or quasi-loans to your directors in your service contracts?
Hong Kong
16 Mar 2014
New Hong Kong Companies Ordinance - Directors
The new CO requires at least one natural person as director for every private company but it allows a grace period of 6 months after the commencement of the new CO for an existing company to make changes to its board for satisfying the new requirement.
Hong Kong
30 Jan 2014
Hong Kong Company Ordinance Updates - Change Of Director’s Requirements
In August 2013, Vistra issued a bulletin to its clients introducing the passage of the new Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and a summary of the major reforms that were passed into law by the Hong Kong Legislative Council in July 2012.
Hong Kong
20 Jan 2014
Approval Of An Environmental Impact Assessment Report And The Issuance Of An Environmental Permit By The Director Of Environmental Protection In The Capacity As Both Applicant And Grantor Of Approval
Legal principles which apply when challenges are made to the approval of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the issuance of an Environmental Permit by the Director of Environmental Protection in the Director’s capacity as both the applicant and grantor of approval.
Hong Kong
10 Sep 2013
How to inherit Shares of a Hong Kong company and to enforce certain Shareholder Rights
In the underlying scenario, we assume that the father of our client (hereinafter "The CLIENT") died several years ago. The deceased set up a Hong Kong COMPANY with another person from Germany (hereinafter "The DEFENDANT"), and The DEFENDANT is acting as the director of the company. The name of the COMPANY shall be "Hong Kong Co. Ltd." (hereinafter "The COMPANY"), and the deceased is still registered as shareholder of The COMPANY.
Hong Kong
11 Feb 2011
Amendments to the Connected Transaction Rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules
In May 2010, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (the "Exchange") released its Consultation Conclusions on proposed changes to connected transaction rules which included a review on the definition of connected person, provided exemptions for connected transactions which are immaterial or involve persons not in a position of significant influence, etc.
Hong Kong
12 Oct 2010
Risks Facing Directors And Officers In Hong Kong And China
In Hong Kong, the Securities and Futures Ordinance ("SFO") was introduced in March 2003 and powers of investigation were given to the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC").
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2010
Latest Legislative Developments on "Shadow Companies"
The Government has recently tabled a bill before the Legislative Council introducing changes to the company names system. Among other reforms, the proposal gives the Companies Registrar a power to substitute company names which are adjudged by the court to be infringing another's rights.
Hong Kong
11 Mar 2010
Securities Law – Can A Shareholder Bring Proceedings On Behalf Of The Company?
Grand Field Group Holdings Limited (the "Company") was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and carried on the business of property development and sales in China through its subsidiaries.
Hong Kong
12 Oct 2009
Hong Kong Decision Signals Expansion In The Scope Of D&O Claims
The decision itself is currently under appeal but more generally, in the current economic climate, D&O insurers may expect an increase in claims made under D&O policies and that such claims will be pursued with increased vigour, especially by liquidators.
Hong Kong
30 Sep 2009
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