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Government Of Dubai Suspends Claims Against State-Owned Developer, Meydan
In June 2019, the Government of Dubai ordered the Emirate's courts to suspend claims against Meydan City Corporation, a government owned developer, as well as its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "Meydan"), pending...
United Arab Emirates
23 Aug 2019
Mid-Market Companies Lower Growth Expectations Amid Falling Economic Optimism
world's leading survey of mid-market companies, Grant Thornton's IBR, once again provides vital insight into the health of the global mid-market. These results for H1 2019 reflect the views
United Arab Emirates
21 Aug 2019
Regulations For Financial Leases: UAE
Leasing is considered an important aspect when it comes to the finances for the corporations, primarily in the cases of funds for the expensive capital equipment like the machinery, vehicular assets, equipment...
United Arab Emirates
19 Aug 2019
Presentation And Disclosure
IFRS 16 requires lessees and lessors to provide information about leasing activities within their financial statements.
United Arab Emirates
15 Aug 2019
UAE Is Not A Mature PE Market But Technology Might Help Managers' Fundraising Efforts
With that said, a fair amount of technology is implemented in order to handle the work load.
United Arab Emirates
9 Aug 2019
Dubai International Financial Centre Enacts Incorporated Cell Company Regulations
The new Incorporated Cell Company (ICC) Regulations came into force on 1 May 2019 following a decision of the Board of Directors of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
United Arab Emirates
7 Aug 2019
The Tokenization Of Real Estate: A View From The Middle East
Followers of blockchain technology will be familiar with the prediction that it is only a matter of time before every asset class - shares, bonds
United Arab Emirates
31 Jul 2019
Example Financial Statements 2019
The preparation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is challenging
United Arab Emirates
31 Jul 2019
DIFC Regulation Updates Employment
The DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is one of the most significant Free Zones in the UAE. It is one of only two financial Free Zones
United Arab Emirates
29 Jul 2019
The DFSA's Proposed Changes To Decision Making: Improved Efficiency Or Erosion Of Fairness?
The Dubai Financial Services Authority ("DFSA"), has recently issued a consultation paper setting out proposed changes to its Enforcement and Supervisory decision making processes.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2019
Installment Sales Licenses Issued By The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (the SAMA) along with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (the MOCI)
United Arab Emirates
15 Jul 2019
UAE Central Bank – Non-Performing Loans (The NPLs)
The UAE Central Bank has issued changes in the reporting structure of the non-performing loans in its banking sector
United Arab Emirates
12 Jul 2019
UAE Law On Dormant Bank Accounts
Bank accounts are among the most critical and valuable accounts that can belong to an individual.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jul 2019
Economics Substance Regulations
The UAE Cabinet recently issued resolution Number 31 of 2019 (the Resolution).
United Arab Emirates
9 Jul 2019
Systemic Risk: The Effects Of Implementing Macro-Prudential Framework Tools
Since the 2007 - 2009 financial crisis, the talk and lengthy discussions about systemic risks and its implication on the stability of the global financial system has not ceased.
United Arab Emirates
8 Jul 2019
The Major Libor Scandal And Its Extended Impact On The UAE
LIBOR is a benchmark interest rate in which a panel of the world's major banks charge one another for short term loans.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2019
How Can You Avoid Debt In UAE?
The vast majority of residents in the UAE float through their day to day lives without really thinking about their spending standards to control our ways of managing their budget.
United Arab Emirates
2 Jul 2019
Debt Recovery In UAE
From the ancient times of the barter system, traces of debts can be found. This was when people exchanged goods and serviced for other goods and services. But now there comes an age when there
United Arab Emirates
1 Jul 2019
CFO's Guide: Discount Rates (Video)
In this article we focus in the importance and relevance of discount rates in the IFRS 16 calculation.
United Arab Emirates
27 Jun 2019
CFO's Guide: Transition To IFRS 16
A careful analysis is required on the choice of transition approach, as this will not only affect financial statements at the adoption date but also for future years.
United Arab Emirates
27 Jun 2019
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