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Hunton Retail Law Resource: Restaurants On Wheels
In a 2017 interview, Nigel Travis, former CEO of Dunkin' Brands, stated that "delivery will be the next wave" in the restaurant industry and that it would "be like a revolution,"
United States
16 Jan 2019
Under The Sea: Sneaky Trademark Filings For Cautious Companies
The general rule of thumb for trademarks in the U.S. – and everywhere else, for that matter – is "the earlier, the better."
United States
14 Jan 2019
Hacking the Future of the Legal Industry Through Innovative Ideas
Facebook. Google. Microsoft. These are a few of the tech-savvy giants that regularly host hackathons—intense brainstorming sessions designed to solve pain points and enhance the client experience.
United States
23 Jul 2018
Chapter 3: The CMO
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Jennifer Manton co-authored a chapter in the book "Evolving Roles in the Law Firm C-Suites," ...
United States
3 Apr 2018
John Jay College And The Power Of Public Service
This past month, Proskauer launched a series of Lawyering for Social Justice Workshops at John Jay College in Manhattan
United States
28 Mar 2018
Both Sides Equal Under The First Amendment
There's a problem with attorney advertising in the prescription medical product space – but it's not the one you normally hear us defense-side litigators kvetching about.
United States
7 Jul 2017
Bond Dickinson and Womble Carlyle Approve Transatlantic Combination To Create Womble Bond Dickinson
A new breed of transatlantic law firm encompassing key commercial and financial hubs in 23 cities across the United States and the United Kingdom, the combined firm builds on the successful Strategic Alliance...
United States
1 Jun 2017
Building And Maintaining A Memorable Law Firm Brand
Never underestimate the power of a strong law firm brand. Law firms that invest in creating memorable brands enjoy many benefits, including increased awareness in the marketplace and among their peers.
United States
2 Feb 2017
It Can Be Done: A Primer For Diverse Attorney Recruitment, Retention And Promotion Efforts In Small And Mid-Sized Firms
Colleen McGarry recently co-authored an article, "It Can Be Done: A Primer For Diverse Attorney Recruitment, Retention and Promotion Efforts in Small and Mid-Sized Firms...
United States
21 Dec 2016
A.I. At Law Firms (Womble Carlyle Silicon Valley E-News - Oct. 2016)
In prior posts, I've talked about the pace of change accelerating in business, and law firms, like other companies, must be forward-looking to be relevant in the future.
United States
9 Nov 2016
Meet The New Jersey Law Firm Associates—Class Of 2016
Ilana Rozentsvayg was featured in the New Jersey Law Journal article, "Meet the New Jersey Law Firm Associates—Class of 2016."
United States
5 Nov 2016
Blog, But Blog Ethically
Lawyers are often gun-shy when it comes to blogging, in part because of the ethical limits on advertising and solicitation by lawyers.
United States
4 Nov 2016
5 Lawyers Over 90: Unstoppable Old-Timers
Murray H. Shusterman was featured in the article, "5 Lawyers Over 90: Unstoppable Old-Timers." View the full article.
United States
22 Oct 2016
Lateral Moves - September 22, 2016
Craig R. Tractenburg was mentioned in The American Lawyer's article, "Lateral Moves."
United States
27 Sep 2016
PTAB Bar Association Debuts, Brinks Gilson & Lione Attorney Marc Richards Appointed Interim Director
Formed as a result of the 2011 America Invents Act, the PTAB has become singularly important as a tribunal in patent cases, including inter partes proceedings with respect to patent validity.
United States
26 Sep 2016
Stake Your Claim: Creating A Niche Legal Practice
If you are particularly interested in this issue's theme, it is likely because you are responsible for helping attorneys with their business development and marketing initiatives.
United States
22 Sep 2016
Former JFS President Is Now ACBA President
Eric M. Wood was featured in the Jewish Community Voice article, "Former JFS President Is Now ACBA President."
United States
22 Sep 2016
91 Fox Attorneys Named "Best Lawyers" for 2017
Fox Rothschild LLP is pleased to announce that 91 of the firm's attorneys are listed in "Best Lawyers in America" in their respective fields and eight have been noted as "Lawyers of the Year" in their respective cities for 2017.
United States
1 Sep 2016
Quicklaunch University: Getting Customers To Buy Into A Product That Isn't Fully Developed (Video Content)
Find customers who like being early adopters and who understand the internal decision making process.
United States
12 Aug 2016
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