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New And Modified Rules For The Registration Of Wills In UAE
The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts recently made an announcement towards the amendments to the rules
United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 2019
Important Changes To DIFC Wills And Probate Rules
Very significant changes have been made to the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry Rules.
United Arab Emirates
16 Jul 2019
Easy Registration Of Wills In Ras Al Khaimah ICC
Wills is one of the ways in the process of planning for succession in the United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates
11 Jul 2019
Summer Wills Update
Summer in the UAE is traditionally a quiet part of the year when many families head home to spend the time in cooler climes.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2019
When Someone Dies, Does Their Life Insurance Payout Become Part of Their Estate?
Question: If someone has chosen a beneficiary for their life insurance policy, does the insurance payout become part of the inheritance after the death of that person or is it only given
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
Inheritance Under Muslim Law: Framework Of Sharia Law
The principal source of law of inheritance in UAE is Shariah and on the basis of which several Federal Laws have been promulgated.
United Arab Emirates
7 Mar 2019
UAE Inheritance Framework Under Shariah Law
The Personal Law in UAE permits the non-Muslim to draft a will and divide the property according to their will.
United Arab Emirates
5 Mar 2019
Payable On Death Or Transferable On Death – Global Views
Death is always a profoundly emotional occurrence and the time following it can be complicated and involve many laws and regulations.
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2018
From Generation To Generation
With the Sharia Law, Federal Law, the law of individual Emirates and freezones all coming into play, UAE Inheritance Law can be complicated.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2018
Trusts & Firm Foundation
The main goal of any wealth management and succession planning is to preserve the family legacy and family owned and operated businesses.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2018
Succession Planning And Real Estate In The UAE
Any expatriates living in the UAE are unaware that in the absence of a formal Will recognised under the UAE legal system, the process of transferring ownership of their local real estate ...
United Arab Emirates
6 Jun 2018
Succession And Asset Protection In The UAE
As a business owner, it is quite likely that a significant portion of your personal wealth is tied up in your business and, at some stage, every family owned business must be transferred.
United Arab Emirates
31 Jan 2018
Le régime juridique régissant la succession des expatriés non-musulmans aux Emirats arabes unis
Les questions d'héritage en cas de décès est l'appréhension ultime des citoyens de l'Union européenne résidents aux Emirats arabes unis (EAU),...
United Arab Emirates
7 Dec 2017
Dubai Issues Law Number 15 Of 2017 Concerning Inheritance, Wills, And Probate For Non-Muslims
12 November 2017. His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum has implemented Law Number 15 of 2017 on inheritance...
United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 2017
What You Need To Know About Writing A Will In Dubai
It's not something anyone likes to think about – especially in a city with so many happy distractions.
United Arab Emirates
3 Nov 2017
Legal Inheritance For Non-Muslim Expatriates
The question of inheritance in the event of death is the ultimate apprehension of European expatriates residing in the UAE, especially considering the uncertainty and complexity of the rules that governs inheritance matters in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
4 Aug 2017
Do I Need A DIFC Will?
The Wills and Probate Registry in the Dubai International Financial Centre (the "Registry") opened in late April of this year.
United Arab Emirates
31 Jul 2017
UAE legal Q&As: When Someone Dies, Does Their Life Insurance Payout Become Part Of Their Estate?
If someone has chosen a beneficiary for their life insurance policy, does the insurance payout become part of the inheritance after the death of that person or is it only given to the beneficiary?
United Arab Emirates
20 Jun 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: As A Non-Muslim, Do I Have A Right To My Late Muslim Husband's Estate?
I was married to a Muslim man in an Islamic marriage but I am not Muslim. We have two children but my husband recently passed away and I was wondering about my right to his assets.
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: What Are The Laws On Suicide Attempts?
After a fight with my husband, I tried to commit suicide and cut my wrist.
United Arab Emirates
23 Feb 2017
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