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Electronic Visa Process For St. Petersburg And Leningrad Region Implemented
Effective immediately, eligible foreign nationals from 53 countries can apply for an e-visa to enter Russia through specific immigration posts located in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad
Russian Federation
10 Oct 2019
Electronic Visas To Visit St. Petersburg And The Leningrad Region
The new rules for entering the Russian Federation through border checkpoints in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region enter into effect on October 1, 2019.
Russian Federation
4 Oct 2019
New Quota-Exempt Profession List For Qualified Foreign Specialists Released
The Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Development has added professions to the list of those exempt from a quota, including engineer-programmer
Russian Federation
12 Sep 2019
Relaxed Rules Implemented Regarding Electronic Visas And Citizenship Eligibility
The Russian government is expanding the use of e-visas for business, tourist and humanitarian purposes.
Russian Federation
23 Aug 2019
Ab 2019: zusätzliche Pflichten für Unternehmen, die ausländische Staatsangehörige nach Russland einladen
Die Rechtsvorschriften über die Rechtsstellung ausländischer Staatsangehöriger in der Russischen Föderation[1] wurden geändert, insbesondere werden zusätzliche Pflichten für Unternehmen eingeführt ...
Russian Federation
30 Aug 2018
Anticipated Changes In The Rules For Migration Registration Of Foreign Citizens
Migration registration of foreign citizens was introduced in Russia in 2007.
Russian Federation
29 Jun 2018
New Rules Of Migration Registration In Connection With The Holding Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup
We advise you of the following important changes affecting foreign citizens' stay and residence in Russia in connection with the holding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Russian Federation
16 May 2018
Employment Of Foreign Individuals
The main criterion for recognition of a foreign employee as an HQS is their monthly salary.
Russian Federation
7 Nov 2017
Understanding Foreign Worker Employment Categories
In accordance with the above-referenced law, foreign employees may fall under one of several categories essential for issuing Russian work permits for them.
Russian Federation
18 Oct 2017
Simplified Visa Formalities Between Russia And The South African Republic
On 30 March 2017, the Protocol between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the South African Republic on mutual cancellation of visa requirements for owners...
6 Oct 2017
New Rules Of Migration Registration
We advise you of some important changes affecting foreign citizens' stay and residence in Russia in connection with the holding of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup football matches.
Russian Federation
8 Jun 2017
Changes To The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation - "Specific Regulation Of Work Performed By Foreign Citizens Or Stateless Persons"
The Labour Code introduces the procedure, which should be followed when hiring foreign citizens or stateless persons ("foreign employees")...
Russian Federation
27 Nov 2015
Information On Recent Amendments To Russian Migration Rules
The Amendment Law requires foreign employees who change their name or passports to apply to the migration authorities to enter the appropriate changes to their work permits...
Russian Federation
8 Jul 2015
Russian Government Invites IT-Companies And Improves Regulations
The Russian Government continues to make steps to attract more IT-companies to run businesses in Russia.
Russian Federation
5 Sep 2014
The Procedure For Issuing Permits For Intermediaries To Employers Hiring Workers (In Russian)
Недавно правительство определилось с Порядком выдачи разрешения на наем работни&
Russian Federation
14 Jun 2013
Russia Keen To Attract Highly Qualified Foreign Nationals And Ease The Visa Regime
In the Second Quarter 2011 edition of the Russian Legal Update, we analyzed in detail the recent amendments to Russia’s immigration laws (the "Immigration Amendments").
Russian Federation
17 Oct 2011
Russia Acts Quickly To Restore The Right Of Employers To Register Foreign Nationals: The Visa Regime For Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Is Fleshed Out
Few aspects of Russian law affect foreign investors so viscerally as the visa and immigration rules. For that reason, recent developments in the visa, immigration and registration rules and procedures should be especially welcomed, both by foreign businesses and Russian businesses that employ foreigners.
Russian Federation
22 Jul 2011
Introduces New Regulations For Foreign Employees
On 25 July 2008 a new Administrative Regulation came into force issuing conclusions with regard to attracting a foreign work force and issuing work permits for foreign citizens .
Russian Federation
30 Jul 2008
Moscow: Issuance Of Work Permits
On 26th May 2008 the Moscow branch of the Federal Migration Service temporarily stopped accepting new applications for work permits for non-Russian employees.
Russian Federation
6 Jun 2008
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