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Rent-To-Own Scheme Exclusive To Dubai Freehold Area
In a fast-growing city like Dubai, the rent-to-own scheme has swiftly gained traction amongst aspiring property owners as an alternative option to own a property, by paying rent under the scheme which will ultimately be converted to equity.
United Arab Emirates
18 Sep 2019
Five Points To Remember About The Landlord And Tenant Relationship
The two laws that regulate the landlord and tenant relationship in both residential and commercial properties in the Dubai are:
United Arab Emirates
9 Jul 2019
What Happens If You Want To End Your Contract Early?
When you first sign a tenancy agreement it is also wise to check is whether you need to give notice to terminate the tenancy at the end of the term.
United Arab Emirates
28 Jun 2019
What Should You Do If Your Landlord Suddenly Serves You Notice?
Here's what you can do if you're evicted or receive an early termination notice.
United Arab Emirates
28 Jun 2019
Need A Lawyer For Obtaining Financial Leasing License
Corporate Lawyers of Dubai have elaborated the Law including the rights and obligations of lessor and lessee through this article.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
Can I Complain To A Cinema If I Find A Movie Inappropriate
Most residents in UAE are enjoying watching movies together with their children. Especially now that most of the cinemas and theatres are in 3D content or fully digital screens, where the viewers can enjoy more the experience of watching the movies.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
Real Estate Property Scam
Using fake IDs, tenancy contracts and false names to trick their victims, the fraudsters' modus operandi involves showing homes and apartments to several prospective tenants,
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
Overview: Lease Regulations In The United Arab Emirates
Tenancy law is a fundamental regulatory framework that systemizes the relationship between tenants and owners. It defines the obligations, risks, and procedural requirements to deal with disputes.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jun 2019
How Do I Protect Myself From Property Agency Fraud?
I have just moved to the UAE and I want to rent an apartment but I have heard a lot of stories about fraud committed by agents.
United Arab Emirates
7 Jun 2019
What Is Finance Lease?
Corporate Lawyers of Dubai have elaborated the Law including the rights and obligations of lessor and lessee through this article.
United Arab Emirates
29 May 2019
Abu Dhabi Real Estate Sector Regulation Amendments
Real estate is a serious and considerably substantial part of the UAE's economy, and while it is not the biggest, it is certainly up there
United Arab Emirates
3 May 2019
Sharjah Rental And Lease Law
As I turned on the radio and drove to the office this morning the first news item I heard was about the 1% dip in rentals in Dubai this quarter.
United Arab Emirates
26 Apr 2019
Abu Dhabi Regulation On Subletting And Overcrowding
Living in the UAE is a story of two halves. On the one hand, there is the high life which is known around the world.
United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 2019
UK Tenants Soon Able To Take Landlord To Court For Lack Of Maintenance
Property rental in the UK is a growing area with around 20% of people renting a house.
United Arab Emirates
15 Feb 2019
Difference Between Leasing And Licensing In Global Context
In the United Arab Emirates, there are stringent requirements for leasing… if only there was another way.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jan 2019
Landlord And Tenant Disputes In Abu Dhabi Now Capable Of Being Resolved Faster
On 27 September 2018, the Chairman of the Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi issued Resolution No. 25 of 2018 ...
United Arab Emirates
8 Nov 2018
Rent Defaulter Can Be Evicted Without Notice – Abu Dhabi
As per the new resolution issued by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department,
United Arab Emirates
23 Oct 2018
New Abu Dhabi Tenancy Decision: What You Need To Know
The Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, H.H Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued Decision No.25 (the "Decision") on the 27th of September 2018 to regulate tenancy committees, disputes...
United Arab Emirates
10 Oct 2018
UAE Leasing Property And Maintenance Responsibilities
The general principles, which govern the maintenance obligations of a landlord and tenant in the UAE, are set out in Federal Law No. 5/1985 referring to the Civil Code, and further amplified...
United Arab Emirates
10 Jul 2018
Granted Land In Abu Dhabi: Restrictions On Dealings
Dealings with residential and commercial land and properties in Abu Dhabi granted to UAE nationals by the government ("Granted Land") are subject to certain restrictions.
United Arab Emirates
7 Jun 2018
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