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Russian IP Law Will Protect GIs
On 26 July 2019 the Russian president signed a bill on a new, independent form of intellectual property – geographical indications (GIs).
Russian Federation
11 Oct 2019
How Trademarks May Collide With Other IP Subject Matters
Part IV of the Russian Civil Code regulates IP subject matters, which are defined as results of intellectual activities and means of individualization
Russian Federation
23 Sep 2019
Geographical Indications In Russia – Now Approved By The Russian President
After one year following the introduction of the new legislative initiative, it is now official – geographical indications will become a new type of intellectual property in Russia.
Russian Federation
18 Sep 2019
Three Consonants
A trademark application No 2016737523 was filed by "Gazpromneft" JSC (a prominent Russian oil company) for the goods in Class 4 and services in Classes
Russian Federation
10 Sep 2019
The Significant Role Of Colour In Russian Trademarks
When scanning the shelves for a particular product, consumers typically look for the colour that they associate with their preferred brand. Indeed, colour plays a significant role in strengthening
Russian Federation
6 Sep 2019
How To Buy A Trademark In Russia
There may be several scenarios in which a company needs to buy a Russian-registered trademark owned by a third party.
Russian Federation
30 Aug 2019
Administering Registrations In The Customs Register Of Intellectual Property (CRIP) In The Electronic Format
On 8 July 2019, Order of the Federal Customs Service (FCS) No. 131 dated 28 January 2019 became effective.
Russian Federation
13 Aug 2019
Naming, Registering And Advertising Pharmaceutical Trademarks In Russia
The pharmaceutical industry is currently one of the Russian economy's high-tech development priorities. According to analytical data, in 2019 the Russian commercial drug market was worth Rb84.3 billion (approximately...
Russian Federation
13 Aug 2019
Geographical Indications On The Horizon In Russia
On 18 July 2019 the Duma passed a bill with provisions on geographical indications (GIs) on its final reading. This is a new and long-awaited IP development in Russia.
Russian Federation
6 Aug 2019
Mobile Customs Groups: From Combating Sanctioned Food To Fighting Counterfeits
In response to international sanctions imposed on Russia as part of the country's confrontation with the West over the political situation in Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula
Russian Federation
25 Jul 2019
Trademarks Comparative Guide
Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Russian Federation, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Russian Federation
16 Jul 2019
Well-Known Trademarks Unknown In Russia: Why?
The issue of well-known trademarks is paid great attention to in the world. It is evidenced by inclusion of the specific provisions on the protection of well-known trademarks
Russian Federation
18 Jun 2019
Russian Court Issues Controversial Decision In RED SQUARE Case
The Red Square, which is the heart of the Russian capital, is a major tourist attraction. The proclivity of businesses to use such name in their interest may be understandable
Russian Federation
18 Jun 2019
Domains & Domain Names In Russia
The administration authority (registry) for the ccTLD .ru (and for the Cyrillic .ρφ) is a non-profit organisation, ANO Coordination Center for TLD RU (the Coordinator).
Russian Federation
12 Jun 2019
Fame, Fortune And Counterfeits
Counterfeiting is the bad side of being a famous brand. Nobody will produce fakes of a brand which is unknown and counterfeiters make money on selling fake goods bearing the names of popular brands.
Russian Federation
12 Jun 2019
General Framework For Comparative Advertising In Russia
Having a developed trademark registration system, accompanied by effective legislative enforcement remedies, Russia represents a large and attractive consumer market for various industries.
Russian Federation
10 Jun 2019
Chicago Takes Root In Russia
An application for a trademark no 2016739384 was filed by Chicago, a Russian beauty parlour from S-Petersburg.
Russian Federation
6 Jun 2019
The Matter Of ‘Prior Use'
This means that the prior use of a designation by one company (hereinafter – the brand user) does not preclude another company either from registering the said designation as a trademark
Russian Federation
5 Jun 2019
Procedures And Strategies For Anti-Counterfeiting: Russia
Russia is a signatory to almost all the international treaties governing IP matters
Russian Federation
3 Jun 2019
Well-Known Trademarks: Definition And Scope Of Protection Under Russian Law
Legal protection for well-known trademarks in Russia rests on the provisions of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.
Russian Federation
7 May 2019
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