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Myth Busting Jersey Trusts And Foundations
Some may think trusts and foundations are only used by very wealthy people or families, or that by putting assets into a trust or foundation in international finance centres (IFCs) like Jersey, then they are avoiding tax.
15 Aug 2019
Offshore Relocations - Moving Your Family To The Channel Islands
Today, those arguments still hold true – but more and more the things that are swaying people towards Jersey and Guernsey are about the high quality of lifestyle,
4 Jul 2019
What's more important; business or home? An update….
We last discussed this issue in April 2015 following the case of Cooper-Hohn (2014) where one spouse, persuaded the Court of Appeal in England and Wales that their contribution to the finances of the marriage amounted to a "special contribution" so as to justify the Court making an order giving that spouse 64% of the matrimonial assets on divorce.
22 Nov 2017
Jersey "COURTERLY" Review | April 2017
In the first four months of 2017, the Royal Court has considered a number of interesting cases relating to Jersey trusts.
25 Apr 2017
A Guide To The Children's Property And Tuteurs (Jersey) Law 2016
On 12 April 2016 the States of Jersey voted to update the Island's customary law and statutory rules governing the administration of property belonging to children.
26 Oct 2016
Parental Responsibility: Is There Soon To Be A Change In The ‘Force'?
For unmarried fathers in Jersey, knowing what rights and responsibilities one has for one's children can be confusing. In the UK the situation is somewhat simpler:
12 Oct 2016
The Pre-Nup: A Sensible Precaution Or The Keystone Of An Unequal Marriage?
In July 2015, in their broad reaching proposition on 'Same-sex Marriage, Divorce and Dissolution', the States agreed, in principle, to make significant changes to divorce law in Jersey.
10 Oct 2016
Wills For Jersey Residents
Jersey law does not recognise common law spouses so they will have no right to your estate is you die intestate.
28 Sep 2015
Resolution Of Family Disputes And Payments To Non-Beneficiaries - Y Trust [2015] JRC 059
From time to time, trustees may find themselves caught up in family disputes relating wholly or partly to the assets that they administer.
8 May 2015
Jersey Divorce Reform
The Jersey Law Commission recently delivered a consultation paper entitled "Divorce Reform", which is refreshingly straightforward and surprisingly comprehensive.
22 Dec 2014
Trust Applications In Jersey - Confidentiality Under Threat: English Divorce Court Denies Royal Court’s Request For Restraint In The Interests Of Comity
Trust Applications In Jersey - Confidentiality Under Threat: English Divorce Court Denies Royal Court’s Request For Restraint In The Interests Of Comity
18 Dec 2013
ABC v The Minister For Health & Social Services And The States Employment Board
The Court has recently decided for the first time in Jersey in ABC v The Minister for Health & Social Services and The States Employment Board that a parent does not have a private cause of action arising from a breach of the Children (Jersey) Law 2002.
29 Nov 2012
Judgement Summary: Anonymisation And Redaction Of Judgements In Trust Cases
Previously in the case of "In the matter of the representation of the Sanne Trust Company Limited", the Royal Court held that steps may be taken to protect the identity of minors and the privacy of the trust arrangements.
29 Oct 2012
GCC Succession Planning Is Evolving In Partnership With Jersey
Running a successful family business is hard work and leaves very little time to plan for the ownership and management changes that will inevitably occur.
1 Aug 2012
Family Governance Plans – Enabling Enduring Wealth Planning Structures
When implementing a succession plan for wealthy families, one of the easiest parts is putting the structure into place but the hardest is making it endure through the generations.
25 Jul 2012
Can I Get A Divorce?
Collas Crill family lawyer Alison Brown looks at how Islanders can get divorced.
22 May 2012
Guidelines For Making A Will: Jersey Residents
Assets can be classified as either immovables (real estate): land, freehold property, leases of over nine years; or movables (personal estate): cash in your bank accounts, shares (including shares in share transfer properties), units in unit trusts, jewellery etc.
3 May 2012
Easy Come, Easy Go - To What Extent Are Your Most Valued Assets Protected On Divorce?
What happens if your marriage is on the rocks and you receive a windfall? Does your soon to be ex-partner have a claim on this stroke of good fortune? How much of your partner’s pre-acquired wealth are you entitled to on divorce? The article highlights some real life examples.
27 Feb 2012
Don’t Just Plan The Wedding, Plan Your Future
With all the excitement, happiness and work that a wedding entails, it’s not surprising that few of us take the extra steps of planning for the future. For example, how will your finances get unravelled if the relationship breaks down or if one of you dies?
9 Feb 2012
Is It Possible To Protect Against The Costs Of Future Residential Care Home Fees?
When contemplating old age many of us are concerned about the cost of care home fees and of being forced to sell our homes to meet the costs. Giving your property to your children now may seem like an attractive option, but is it?
9 Feb 2012
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