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Court Considers Extended Scope Of Springboard Injunctions
The scope for springboard injunctions in Hong Kong has been confirmed by the Hong Kong Court of First Instance (CFI) as extending to circumstances where contractual
Hong Kong
27 Aug 2019
Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review - 2018 Q4
Asia's legal and human resources advisors are often required to function across multiple jurisdictions.
Hong Kong
4 Feb 2019
Employment Spotlight: Proceedings In The Labour Tribunal
The Labour Tribunal is intended to be a quick and informal venue for hearing disputes between an employer and employee. The Labour Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction to hear any claim for a sum...
Hong Kong
15 Nov 2018
Hong Kong Court Dismisses An Employees' Compensation Claim As The Employee Refused To Attend Medical Examination As Required By The Employer
In Cheung Sau Lin v. Tsui Wah Efford Management Ltd [2018] HKDC 941, the District Court (the "Court") dismissed an employees' compensation claim on the ground of the employee's...
Hong Kong
6 Oct 2018
Requirements For Video Conference And Representation In The Hong Kong Labour Tribunal
In Mallorca Joenalyn Domingo v. Ng Mei Shuen [2018] HKCFI 1642, the Court of First Instance (the "Court")
Hong Kong
28 Sep 2018
Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review - 2018 Q2
Asia's legal and human resources advisors are often required to function across multiple jurisdictions.
Hong Kong
15 Aug 2018
Hong Kong Amends Employment Ordinance To Empower The Labour Tribunal To Make Compulsory Reinstatement Or Reengagement Orders
Before making such an order, both the employer and the employee must be given an opportunity to present each of their cases in respect of the making of an order for reinstatement or reengagement.
Hong Kong
5 Jun 2018
Hong Kong Court Of Appeal Quashes Labour Tribunal Contempt Of Court Conviction
In our earlier Legal Update, we reported that in the case of Re Mahesh J Roy (CACV 226/2015), the Appellant was found guilty of insulting behaviour and disturbing proceedings by the Presiding Officer...
Hong Kong
19 Dec 2017
Court Upholds Labour Tribunal's Finding Of Independent Contractor Arrangement
In Lee Wai Kei Wicky (李伟基) v. World Family Ltd. (寰宇家庭有限公司) [2017] HKEC 2109 English Judgment...
Hong Kong
8 Nov 2017
Employee Who Affirms Employer's Breach Cannot Claim Constructive Dismissal
The Court of First Instance in Chen Xiang(陈翔)v. China Daye Non-Ferrous Metals Mining Limited (中国大冶有色金属矿业有限公司)...
Hong Kong
1 Nov 2017
A Case On Contempt Of Court In Hong Kong's Labour Tribunal
Under section 42 of Hong Kong's LTO, if any person engages in threatening or insulting behaviour or wilfully interrupts a hearing before the Labour Tribunal, the presiding officer may summarily sentence that person...
Hong Kong
18 May 2017
Hong Kong Employment (Amendment) Bill 2017
The Employment (Amendment) Bill 2017 (the "Bill") was gazetted on 5 May 2017.
Hong Kong
16 May 2017
Hong Kong Employment Law Update: Can An Employer Request An Employee To Take A Pregnancy Test?
In the Hong Kong District Court decision of Waliyah v. Yip Hoi Sun Terence and Chan Man Hong, a domestic helper succeeded in her claim for sex and pregnancy discrimination against her former employer...
Hong Kong
31 Mar 2017
Lessons Learnt From Hong Kong Court Of Appeal's Latest Decision In Employees' Compensation Claim
In a recent employees' compensation appeal case of Wan Jingyi v. Hoo Chun Wing T/A Kai Chun Good Well & Ors., Hong Kong's Court of Appeal has unanimously upheld the lower Court's decision to dismiss...
Hong Kong
22 Mar 2017
Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review - December 2016
Asia's legal and human resources advisors are often required to function across multiple jurisdictions. Staying on top of employment-related legal developments is important but can be challenging
Hong Kong
24 Feb 2017
PRC Labour Law Update – What Is New In 2017?
Employers with an A grade can expect infrequent inspections and minimal oversight by MHRSS.
Hong Kong
6 Feb 2017
Must You Apply Disciplinary Procedures Before Terminating For Poor Performance?
The Hong Kong High Court held that the employer was obliged to apply its disciplinary procedures to an employee even though the employee's performance had already been the subject of a performance improvement plan (PIP).
Hong Kong
23 Jun 2016
Termination Of A Sick And Pregnant Employee Was Not Unlawful Discrimination
In March 2016, the Hong Kong District Court in Law Miu Kuen Sally v. Sunbase International
Hong Kong
21 Jun 2016
Asia Employment Law: Quarterly Review - Issue 11: First Quarter 2016
Asia's legal and human resources advisors are often required to function across multiple jurisdictions.
20 Apr 2016
Guidance On Application Of Close Connection Test For Employer's Vicarious Liability
At trial, the judge considered that the employer was not vicariously liable because it could not fairly be said that the first defendant carried out the assault in the course of executing his duties.
Hong Kong
29 Oct 2015
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