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HSBC v. Commission: Just Give Them A Reason
On 24 September 2019, the EU General Court (GC) handed down its judgment in HSBC v. Commission.[1] Consistent with recent precedent, the GC reaffirmed the European Commission ("Commission")'s
United States
4 Oct 2019
Parental Liability For EU Antitrust Infringements: New And Broad Frontiers
The European Union (EU) antitrust law concepts of ‘undertaking' and ‘single economic entity' allow fines to be imposed on parent entities of subsidiaries involved in cartel conduct
European Union
22 Aug 2019
Conglomerate Effects: An EU Resurgence?
The European Commission (EC) is increasingly invoking conglomerate theories of harm in its merger reviews.
European Union
21 Aug 2019
Antitrust As A Tool To Regulate The Fang Companies: Differing Approaches In The United States And In Europe
In both the United States and in Europe, antitrust enforcement in the digital economy has been a popular topic that has received significant media coverage, though approaches to actual regulation
United States
31 Jul 2019
Key Antitrust Enforcement Trends — 2019 Antitrust Annual Report
Shearman & Sterling released its Antitrust Annual Report today. The 2019 report considers two key developments shaping worldwide antitrust enforcement – the use of antitrust as a tool to regulate
United States
30 Jul 2019
European Commission Imposes Fine On Canon For Gun-Jumping
On 27 June 2019 the European Commission imposed a fine of €28 million on the Japanese imaging and optical products manufacturer Canon for "gun-jumping" by using a warehousing structure in its 2016 acquisition of Toshiba...
European Union
11 Jul 2019
The European Commission Fines Four Consumer Electronics Manufacturers For Fixing Online Resale Prices And Sketches The Contours Of A New Fining Policy
The Commission's decisions of 24 July 2018, fining Philips, Asus, Denon & Marantz and Pioneer for fixing online retail prices ...
European Union
7 Aug 2018
DOJ Loses First Vertical Merger Suit Brought In Decades As Federal Judge Approves AT&T's Acquisition Of Time Warner
On June 12, 2018, following a six-week-long bench trial, Judge Richard J. Leon of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner does not violate the antitrust laws, rejecting the United States Department of Justice's (DOJ) challenge to the merger.
United States
19 Jun 2018
To Control Or Not To Control? That Is The Question
The "standstill obligation" under Article 7 of the Regulation 139/2004 on Merger Control (EUMR)[2] prevents parties from implementing their transaction before receiving merger clearance ...
European Union
5 Jun 2018
Bayer/Monsanto: European Commission Continues Its Trend Of More Aggressive Divestments To Address Innovation Concerns
The European Commission has routinely considered potential harm to innovation as part of its merger assessments, particularly in R&D driven sectors such as pharmaceuticals and technology
European Union
22 Mar 2018
Icap v. Commission: General Court Upholds Cartel Liability Of Facilitators, But Attempts To Rein In Commission's Approach In Settlements
On 10 November 2017, the European Union General Court (GC) handed down its judgment in Icap v Commission.
European Union
14 Nov 2017
Is The Commission Starting To Take A Tough Stance On The Enforcement Of Merger Procedure?
When a transaction meets the thresholds of the EU Merger Regulation, companies must notify and obtain clearance from the European Commission before implementing the transaction.
European Union
31 May 2017
The New Kid On The Block: Hong Kong's New Competition Law Regime Has Come Into Full Effect
Today, Hong Kong's Competition Ordinance has come into full effect. The commencement comes three and a half years after the Ordinance was enacted by Hong Kong's Legislative Council.
Hong Kong
18 Dec 2015
The General Court Judgments In Cathode Ray Tubes: A Reminder Of Key Principles Concerning Cartel Enforcement
Panasonic and MT Picture Display claimed that the methodology used for calculating the value of sales was incorrect.
European Union
30 Sep 2015
FCA's Concurrent Competition Powers – Final Guidance And Handbook Amendments Are Published
On 1 April 2015 the FCA obtained concurrent competition powers in relation to the provision of financial services.
17 Jul 2015
Information Exchanges – Difficult Not To Go Bananas!
The European Court of Justice recently confirmed that pre-pricing communications between competitors involving discussions about price-setting factors, quotation prices and pricing trends...
European Union
13 Apr 2015
New Opportunities In UK Water?
OFWAT, the economic regulator of the water and sewerage sector in England and Wales, has set out the price controls that companies must use for regulated activities from 2015 to 2020.
United States
30 Dec 2014
New EU Directive Promoting Antitrust Damage Claims
Today, the EU considers that those affected by competition law infringement in some Member States are not able to effectively exercise their right to compensation.
European Union
15 Dec 2014
CMA Forced To Backtrack On Hospital Divestments In Private Healthcare Market Investigation
The Competition and Markets Authority has backed down from its decision in the Market Investigation into Privately Funded Healthcare Services.
9 Dec 2014
Margrethe Vestager: The New EU Competition Commissioner
The competition portfolio in President Juncker’s new Commission falls to Margrethe Vestager, a social liberal politician from Denmark.
European Union
28 Oct 2014
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