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State-Owned Turkish Bank Was Under The Scrutiny Of The Turkish Data Protection Authority
Therefore, it is understood that the DPA proceeded without obtaining the Bank's defence.
3 Jun 2019
Recent Developments On Personal Data Protection In Turkey (April – May 2019): Microsoft's Data Breach, Facebook's Violation, And More
Turkish personal data protection practice presented some noteworthy developments in April and May 2019 as the Turkish Data Protection Authority published through its website several summaries of its recent decisions ...
31 May 2019
TCA's "Meal Card" Decision: Crucial Insights For Determining Full Functional Character Of A Joint Venture
On 15.04.2019, the TCA published its reasoned decision whereby it imposed administrative fines totalling to approximately TRY 8 million (EUR 1,2 million) against Sodexo and Edenred as well as Network Servisleri A.Ş. , ...
22 Apr 2019
Resale Price Maintenance In Turkey In Light Of The Most Recent Case Law
Both decisions are quite extraordinary from the perspective of the established customs and precedents of the TCA.
12 Apr 2019
USA To Denounce Turkey's Eligibility To GSP Beneficiary
The U.S. Trade Representative's Office made an official statement on 04.03.2019 with respect to USA's intention to end Turkey's designation as a beneficiary developing country under the Generalized System of Preferences program.
15 Mar 2019
Recent Trade Remedy Investigation In Turkey – Cooperating Parties' Victory
On 9 March 2019, the Turkish Ministry of Trade announced its final decision regarding the anti-circumvention investigation that had been initiated concerning imports of certain articulated link chain and parts thereof.
13 Mar 2019
Turkish Data Protection Authority Announced Data Leakage Of A Dutch Bank Revealing The Importance Of Effective Information Security
Under Article 12/5 of the Turkish Data Protection Law, the data controllers are obliged to inform the Turkish Data Protection Authority in case the personal data processed on their behalf is acquired by others unlawfully.
6 Mar 2019
Turkish Appellate Court Reversed The Decision Of The Court Of First Instance Requiring Strict Standard Of Proof In Anti-Dumping Investigations - A Case Against US Originating Products
On 3 October 2018, the Plenary Session of Tax Law Divisions of the Turkish Council of State issued its judgment reversing two decisions of the 7th Circuit of the Council of State, which annulled the communiqué ...
5 Mar 2019
Turkish Data Protection Authority Announces The Procedure To Be Taken By Companies In Cases Of Data Breaches
Article 12/1 of the Turkish Data Protection Law states the data controller shall take all necessary technical and organizational measures to provide a sufficient level of security.
20 Feb 2019
Turkish Data Protection Authority's Decision On The Statute Of Limitations For The Complaints
The Turkish Data Protection Authority published on 13.02.2019 a decision clarifying the statute of limitations for the complaints to be lodged to the DPA in cases where a data processor rejects a data subject's request ...
18 Feb 2019
A Preference For Structural Remedies Over Behavioural Remedies: Effectiveness Of Behavioural Remedies Has Been Questioned By The Administrative Court
TCA had granted a conditional clearance to transaction concerning acquisition of MARDAŞ, which is a port operator in the Marmara Region, by LİMAR that is under control of Arkas Group , which has joint control over MARPORT.
4 Feb 2019
Potential Trade Remedy Investigations In Turkey
While the trade war triggered by the US and the corresponding conservative approaches adopted by almost all of most importing countries still continue, the Turkish Ministry of Trade published on 19 January 2019 a communiqué ...
22 Jan 2019
Turkey's Recent Trade Policy Investigations: Some Completed, Others Launched
The Turkish Ministry of Trade ("Ministry") adopted, by the end of 2018 and in early 2019, several communiqués in the area of trade defence.
14 Jan 2019
No More Attorney-Client Privilege For Competition Compliance Programmes In Turkey, At Least For Now…
Since there was no clear provision concerning the boundaries of the attorney-client privilege in competition law.
14 Jan 2019
The Turkish Competition Authority's M&A Overview Of 2018
Mergers and Acquisitions Overview Report 2018 ("Report") was published at the website of the Turkish Competition Authority ("TCA") on January 9, 2019.
11 Jan 2019
Turkey Grants Various Zero-Tariff Rates Through Tariff Quotas
Tariff quota regulations provide for quantities within which imports are charged lower customs duties. By the end of 2018, Turkey established reduced import duties to zero per cent for a pre-determined volume of goods.
10 Jan 2019
General Court's Taking On The Responsibility Of The Parent Company In Deutsche Telekom And The Case Law In Turkey
In 2014, Europe's largest telecoms provider Deutsche Telekom and its Slovak subsidiary were imposed a total fine of €69.84m by the EC for abusing their dominant position in Slovakia's broadband internet infrastructure market.
8 Jan 2019
Turkish Data Protection Watchdog Announced Starwood Guest Reservation Database Security Incident
Marriott International, Inc. ("Marriott") on December 4, 2018 announced1that a major database security incident has occurred in Starwood Hotels and Resorts guest reservation database.
4 Jan 2019
Turkey Is To Impose Additional Financial Obligations For Recycling Of The Products Endangering The Environment
Turkey published certain amendments to its Environment Law no. 2872 ("Amending Law") on 10.12.2018 and brought additional financial obligations in the form of a "Recycling Contribution Fee"...
27 Dec 2018
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