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Overview Of Court Practice On Independent Guarantees: The Legal Position Of The Russian Federation Supreme Court
On 5 June 2019, the Presidium of the RF Supreme Court (the "Supreme Court") issued an overview of court practice on independent guarantees (the "Overview").
Russian Federation
24 Jul 2019
Loan Repatriation – Key Points
New amendments to Russian currency controls entered into force on 14 April 2018 (the Law), extending currency repatriation requirements to loans issued by residents to foreign borrowers.
Russian Federation
23 Apr 2018
Syndicated Loans March Ahead
Russian authorities have been looking to regulate syndicated lending for some time.
Russian Federation
8 Mar 2018
Russia Restricts Money Transfers To Countries Barring "Russian Payment Systems"
On 3 April 2017, the President of Russia signed Federal Law No. 59-FZ on Amending the Federal Law on the National Payment System (the Law).
Russian Federation
19 Apr 2017
Banking And Finance. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2016
The year 2016 saw a host of legislative changes with clear and immediate implications for the finance market.
Russian Federation
14 Mar 2017
Transaction Passport Threshold May Be Reduced To USD25,000 And Also Apply To Loans By Individuals
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Central Bank) has published a draft of an amendment introducing changes to the well-known Instruction No. 138-I of 4 June 2012 on...
Russian Federation
9 Aug 2016
Russian Resident Individuals To Report On Foreign Accounts By 1 June 2016
Going forward, RRIs shall submit reports for each calendar year (the few exceptions noted below) before 1 June of the year immediately following the reporting period.
Russian Federation
3 Jun 2016
Country Survey Taking Security Over CIS Real Estate
As you know, secured loans often include real estate as a key element of the security package, whether the loans are granted for general corporate purposes, specific projects or otherwise.
8 Apr 2016
Banking And Finance. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2015
Throughout 2015, both external and internal factors had a considerable negative impact on the Russian economy.
Russian Federation
21 Mar 2016
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