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Business in Africa: investment and intellectual property
Exponential economic development across Africa has resulted in a greater necessity for increased protection of intellectual property ("IP") assets on the continent.
South Africa
20 Jun 2019
Donald Trump And Bad Faith
Donald Trump comes up in our articles from time to time, as does the issue of bad faith. Both come up in this one.
South Africa
16 May 2019
Scotching Plans To Cause Confusion
Every minute of every day, 100 bottles of Scotch whisky make their way to South Africa.
South Africa
19 Sep 2018
RF Talks Trade Marks And Endorsements
It's been widely reported that Roger Federer has signed a 10-year, USD300-million sponsorship deal with the clothing brand UNIQLO.
South Africa
29 Aug 2018
Design Law: A Welcome Reminder
They further highlight a very important difference between design law in South Africa and design law elsewhere.
South Africa
13 Apr 2018
Trade Mark Owners: Making "Tits" Of Themselves
If we keep writing about it, it's because it keeps happening. I refer here to trade mark infringement claims that make the news for all the wrong reasons – claims that attract shock and ridicule and evoke...
South Africa
27 Sep 2017
Registered Designs: A Welcome Reminder
A recent decision involving registered designs is a reminder of how useful design law can be, in the sense that it can be used to protect an almost limitless range of products.
South Africa
11 Jul 2017
Patents: What Does "Between" Mean?
In the process, the SCA very clearly opted for a purposive interpretation of patent claims.
South Africa
11 May 2017
South African Patent Decision: Not Shooting From The Hip
This judgment will therefore be very useful for laymen and non-IP specialists.
South Africa
6 Feb 2017
King IV And IP
This all suggests that company directors will be required to take a long-term and big-picture view of their IP assets, and the impacts that these assets might have on others.
South Africa
8 Dec 2016
Standard Bank & MTN v 3MFuture: The Final Word
It promised so much. At long last, a South African court ruling on the patentability of computer programs.
South Africa
21 Mar 2014
Counterfeiting: Bad Medicine
Two different news reports, two very different sides of the counterfeiting story.
South Africa
21 Nov 2013
Interested In Filing A Patent In India? – Substantial Cost Hike Looming
The Indian Patent Office has proposed a very substantial increase in fees across the board for patent matters.
South Africa
25 Jun 2013
Knight's Gold
The KZN High Court handed down a really interesting judgment in May 2013 in the case of Distell v KZN Wines & Spirits.
South Africa
25 Jun 2013
A discussion on the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to deny Novartis’s application for patent protection for an improved version of its patented Glivec drug.
South Africa
22 Apr 2013
Rooibos certainly does make the headlines.
South Africa
28 Mar 2013
IP In The Global Village
Although companies operate in a global village, their intellectual property rights are territorial.
South Africa
29 Jan 2013
Patents And Traditional Knowledge
There was a report in the Indian newspaper The Financial Express on 11 August 2012 that should be of great interest to anyone who’s involved in patents in South Africa.
South Africa
19 Sep 2012
Callaway And Titleist: Finally Playing Ball
Golf equipment manufacturer, Callaway, was no doubt as delighted as South Africans were when Ernie Els unexpectedly won the 2012 British Open.
South Africa
7 Aug 2012
IP Translator
Europe’s highest court recently gave a decision in a trade mark case that deals with the technical, yet highly important, issue of trade mark classifications and class headings.
South Africa
6 Aug 2012
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