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Start Making Your Jersey Will Online Today
It is estimated that two thirds of the population of Britain do not have a valid will, and experience suggests that the figures are similar in Jersey.
3 May 2019
Bank Fine For Breach Of Probate Rules Underlines Importance Of Following Procedure
The case of an international bank fined £25,000 for transferring the Jersey assets of a deceased client to a foreign court without first requesting a Jersey Probate Grant ...
3 Oct 2018
New Mental Capacity Law Faces Six-Month Delay In Jersey
The implementation of Jersey's new Capacity and Self Determination Law 2016, which was originally slated to come into effect in April 2018, has been delayed and is now anticipated to come into effect in October 2018.
9 Mar 2018
The Capacity And Self Determination (Jersey) Law
The Capacity and Self Determination Law 2016, which is now due to come into effect in October 2018, makes a welcome and overdue change to the old customary laws which currently govern this area of law in Jersey.
7 Mar 2018
The Market For Flats In Jersey Is Booming
The latest figures from the States of Jersey's independent Statistics Unit shows that the volume of property sales per quarter is at its highest since 2006...
21 Nov 2017
Jersey House Price Index Shows Sustained Confidence In Jersey Housing Market
Figures published last week reflect a confident housing market in Jersey, with the prices of residential property remaining firm across the board amid positive levels of activity.
25 Aug 2017
Jersey Grants Of Probate Worth £287m Issued In Respect Of 75 Jurisdictions In 2016
Jersey Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration were issued to Executors and Administrators from 74 worldwide jurisdictions last year, underlining the international aspect of probate and estate work in the Island.
25 Jul 2017
A Guide To Curatorships In Jersey
A curator is the person appointed by the Royal Court under the Mental Health (Jersey) Law, 1969 to conduct the affairs of someone found by the court to be incapable of managing his own property...
2 May 2017
Inheritance Planning For Your Digital Legacy
Ten years ago you probably didn't have a big online presence. Now, it's a fair bet that you have email, social media accounts, cloud-stored images, books, video and music, and possibly even online gambling accounts, Bitcoin and computer games.
28 Apr 2017
The Differences Between The Jersey And English Processes On Probate And Wills Of Real Estate
Jersey is a separate jurisdiction to England with a separate body of law. In particular, the law of inheritance and probate differs significantly from that of the UK...
19 Apr 2017
Red Nose Day Is The Perfect Time To Think About Wills And Legacies
With Comic Relief's Red Nose Day back today there has never been a better time to think about a charitable legacy in your will.
3 Apr 2017
Ogier Property Clinic Focuses On Benefits Of Share Transfer Versus Flying Freehold
Ogier's first quarterly property law clinic of 2017 with the Jersey Estate Agents' Association focused on the differences in share transfer and flying freehold transactions.
21 Mar 2017
Wills Judgment Shows Welcome Pragmatism Over Property Inheritance
Jersey's Royal Court has ruled that a house and land in St Helier which were left in a will to a UK body with charitable status (the "Charity") which could not take ownership of them could pass to a company...
16 Mar 2017
What You Need To Know To Deal With Assets Left In Jersey By A Deceased UK Resident
You might think that a formal Grant of Probate issued in the UK would be sufficient to release assets held in Jersey by your client – unfortunately, the process is not quite as simple as that.
3 Mar 2017
Buoyant Jersey Property Market Reflects Confidence In Island Economy
Fresh figures that show the volume of property transactions at a ten-year high and rising prices demonstrate confidence in the Island's economy, says Ogier property partner Julie Melia.
2 Mar 2017
Is Your Completion Date Likely To Cause You Problems?
For all of the quirks and oddities of Jersey's conveyancing process, you might be surprised to know that it's actually a good deal quicker than many other jurisdictions.
15 Nov 2016
Julie Melia Steps Into The Kitchen Inferno
Julie is one of 22 Islanders taking part in this year's Kitchen Inferno event, under the guidance of celebrity chef John Torode.
10 Oct 2016
Increase In Mental Capacity Inquiries, But Jersey Law Reforms Will Make A Difference
Islanders will be able to plan for their physical care and well-being in the future under a new law slated for 2018, and Ogier's Head of Probate has welcomed the reforms.
13 Sep 2016
A Guide To Buying And Selling Property In Jersey
When Ogier acts for the seller we prepare a draft deed of sale for the buyer's lawyer, deal with queries raised by the buyer's lawyer and carry out any research required to address those queries.
9 Sep 2016
Jersey Approves Changes To Update Law Surrounding Property Inherited By Minors
The States of Jersey have finally approved reforms to the Island's customary law and rules regarding the governance and administration of property belonging to minors...
30 Aug 2016
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