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New Act On The Control Of Investments Detrimental To The Interests Of Hungarian National Security
The Hungarian Government recently adopted Act no. LVII of 2018 on the Control of Investments Detrimental to the Interests of Hungarian National Security.
18 Oct 2018
Airbnb's Popularity Was No Excuse For Not Complying With EU Consumer Rules According To The EU Commission
The EU Commission and consumer authorities warned Airbnb (online accommodation marketplace) to align its terms and conditions with EU consumer rules and to be transparent on pricing.
16 Oct 2018
The EU's Main Topics In The Second Semester Of 2018
The first plenary session of the EU Parliament in the second semester of 2018 was held on 11 September, where the main challenges and topics of the next six month have been outlined.
European Union
10 Oct 2018
Higher Tax Allowance For Investment Projects To Comply With Energy Efficiency Targets
According to an amendment to the Hungarian Corporate Income Tax Act approved in July 2018, taxpayers may be eligible for higher tax allowance in connection with an investment project...
8 Oct 2018
The Far-Reaching Reform Of Cafeteria Allowances In 2019
The Hungarian Parliament enacted the tax package for 2019 in July 2018, which contains, inter alia, a significant modification in the cafeteria allowances.
3 Oct 2018
The Use Of "Even" In Advertising
In Hungary, the case-law of the HCA is of key importance in clarifying and elaborating on the relevant legislation.
2 Oct 2018
Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit In Ungarn Teil 1.
In Ungarn wurde im Jahr 2017 die Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit durch den Erlass des neuen Schiedsgerichtsgesetzes Nr. LX grundlegend reformiert. Es wurden frühere branchenspezifische und neben...
1 Oct 2018
Verwaltung der Daten von Arbeitnehmer
Mit dem modernen Zeitalter stehen für Arbeitgeber immer neue Technologien zur Verfügung, die die Datenverarbeitung vereinfachen, jedoch für Arbeitnehmer auch unüberschaubar, sogar unsichtbar machen.
1 Oct 2018
Certain Legal Aspects Of Customs Law Regarding Containers Abandoned In Temporary Storage
If the customs authority cannot determine the facts of the case the goods will be seized from the holder.
1 Oct 2018
Customs Procedures Part I
An operator brought cargos for a giant shipping line. The cargos have been transported via trains from the port with due railway and transit documents.
European Union
1 Oct 2018
Expected Changes In The Undivided Joint Ownership Rules
As Mr. István Nagy, Minister of Agriculture explained in September 2018, „the undivided joint ownership paralyses the Hungarian economy, and from a competitiveness point of view it is essential...
1 Oct 2018
Stricter Regulations For Shopping Centers
The establishment and renovation of shopping centers will be governed by stricter rules according to a new regulation approved in the summer 2018.
27 Sep 2018
HCA's Recent Practice: Cooperation And Commitments
In recent years, the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) has seemingly aimed to foster cooperation between itself and market participants
26 Sep 2018
Infringement Proceeding Against Hungary – Update
The legal practice analyser group of the Curia (i.e. the Hungarian supreme court) published a summarizing opinion on the judicial practice of the possession protection cases initiated before Hungarian notaries.
24 Sep 2018
How Will New EU Directive On Work-Life Balance Affect Family-Related Leave In Hungary?
Gender equality may be a core EU principle, but it will not become a reality without effective legal action.
20 Sep 2018
New Directive Entered Into Force In July 2018
About one year after the entry into force of the fourth anti-money laundering directive and terrorist financing, a new directive in that regard entered into force on 9 July 2018.
European Union
19 Sep 2018
Communicating With EU Administration – The Single Digital Gateway
Presented as a time saver for citizens and companies, the Single Digital Gateway (‘SDG') is meant to help to access information (as to employment and tax rules or cross-border activities for instance) ...
European Union
17 Sep 2018
EU Issued A Communication On The Protection Of Cross-Border EU Investments
The EU aims to strengthen the business environment for EU investors.
European Union
13 Sep 2018
Expected Revision Of The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive To Tackle The ‘Dual Quality' Issue
Engaging in ‘dual quality' products means the marketing of products as being identical in several EU countries while their composition is significantly different – which is illegal on the ground...
European Union
12 Sep 2018
ECJ Decision On The Reposting Of Photos
In a recent case a photographer authorized the operators of a travel website to publish one of his photographs on their website.
11 Sep 2018
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