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"The production and distribution of legal briefings to our contacts is a key plank of our marketing activity. Initially we viewed the Mondaq platform as a way in which to reach a huge worldwide audience of people that we don't know. While that has been really successful, what we're now seeing through the additional functionality of Mondaq populating our lawyers' LinkedIn profiles with their content are even more avenues of legal content distribution through our own networks- and all without the lawyers having to do anything to make it happen, amazing!"Charles Russell LLP
"Marketing our business by disseminating our expertise helps clients and potential clients build familiarity with the firm and its advisors. The sophistication of Mondaq’s distribution list directly mirrors our target audience."Mayer Brown
"Jones Day has worked with Mondaq for seven years, and played a key role in distributing and marketing one of our most valued assets – the insights of our lawyers. Through their partnerships with some of the most well-known information aggregators throughout the world, Mondaq has increased the distribution of our articles and provided significant and relevant feedback from the readers. Their reporting is top notch."Jones Day
"Having access to information is no longer sufficient. It is absolutely indispensable to have the information 'Right Now' and it is only with online services that we are able to offer our clients the high quality of service they desire."Becerril Coca & Becerril
"The re-purposing of our publications through Mondaq's many distribution partners has served to enhance our firm's brand awareness within the global business community. In addition, Mondaq's Market Intelligence Reports are excellent for their in-depth real-time usage data, helping us to be more accountable and proactive in the way we develop potential business opportunities."Duane Morris LLP
"Mondaq is incredibly useful if you wish to access global knowledge of thought leaders in the legal and regulatory space. By making an expert's knowledge shareable and widely available, it helps raise their profile amongst existing and potential clients."K&L Gates
"Mondaq.... has allowed us to explore a completely new avenue of distributing articles of interest to existing clients and prospects in a timely and efficient way."McCarthy Tetrault
"The 'Market intelligence' tool has been hugely valuable. Allowing me to evaluate trends in the market and to identify areas where we could develop further. In addition to the report using Mondaq has allowed us to drive more traffic to significant pieces of content and areas of the corporate website. By its nature this will increase our brand awareness in the market." - Deloitte
"Our account rep is wonderful and great at follow up. We've already received a couple of inquiries because of putting articles on Mondaq. I'm very pleased with the service."Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP
"Mondaq has always been a great source of detailed information with respect to article tracking and visibility. Being a firm that has produced many articles, we have always enjoyed the depth of statistics that Mondaq provides, and have been amazed at how fast Mondaq picks up on an article to publish it. If you would like to see your name come up in the search engine lists, and wish to obtain information about who reads what and when, Mondaq provides this flawlessly."Hugüner Bilgen Özeke
"Not only are we getting worldwide exposure of our attorneys’ articles on Mondaq, but we get contact information on the individuals who access our articles. It’s a very cool system and a valuable marketing tool."Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP
"Mondaq is an important part of our content marketing strategy."Harneys
"Not only are we impressed by the additional reach that Mondaq has delivered for our client alerts but we also know who is reading them."Blank Rome LLP
"Using the Mondaq service has allowed us to widen our pool of potential targets and the in-depth reporting features allow us to develop business more intelligently."CMS Cameron McKenna LLP
"We have been very pleased with how the service has been able to extend the reach of our articles to targeted audiences. Their Market Intelligence Reporting has been an invaluable tool to help us better understand what our audiences are interested in and where we can improve. We would recommend Mondaq highly." Crowe Soberman LLP
"Mondaq is a powerhouse distribution platform with great customer service and fantastic reporting that helps me gauge our return. We could never achieve this level of distribution on our own. I highly recommend Mondaq."Field LLP
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