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Current Distribution Partners
We have great partnerships with many of the world’s major online search channels, proprietary databases and syndicated networks (leading to a collective audience of more than 10 million corporate users). A small selection can be found below, but do contact us to find out more.
What it Means to Become a Distribution Partner
You can integrate part or all of our licensed content onto your website. You can choose content that is as narrow or as broad as your site needs meaning your readers are getting what they want when they want it.
Great content for your site or channel
The know-how on Mondaq is provided by market leading professionals across the globe. Our database of thousands of pieces of content provides comment and analysis on regulatory changes, financial trends & legal issues affecting business worldwide.
By partnering with us you and your readers will have access to a wide range of legal and business topics providing a wealth of qualitative and authoritative information, which is available from no other source.
Fresh, relevant, up to date content
We set up real-time electronic feeds providing new material for your website, keeping your content fresh and up to date and your users coming back. The content can be designed to match your look and feel - and doing this requires no maintenance from you.
How to Become a Distribution Partner
We hope you can see all the great benefits you can gain, with minimal input, by partnering with Mondaq. To become a distribution partner contact our Distribution Manager, on +44(0) 208 544 8300 or email.
Benefits at a glance
  • Becoming a Mondaq distribution partner is FREE
  • Incorporating Mondaq data into your website is really easy. Learn more about some simple headline feed options available. Whatever works best for you, we will provide the support and assistance you need to make sure you get the most out of your Mondaq partnership
  • Various ways to integrate Mondaq’s content into your site:
    • Embed our customised search engine into your website and provide the full range of our information to your users
    • “Cherry pick” content creating links only to these on your site
    • Choose an automated headline pull or a flashing news ticker for your site - both are fully customisable
  • Mondaq data can be customised by geographic area (region or country), topic and date. Specify the number of headlines you want to show in your list and the format you want them to appear in (i.e. font type and colour, background colour or image can also be chosen by you).
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We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading corporate counsel associations. Authors get maximum reach across the globe and associations benefit from our partnerships.
Our distribution partners include major search engines, market leading legal searches and databases, ensuring that millions of people have access to the articles.
Find out more about how your association or business can work with us and benefit from our extensive network and partnerships.