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By Subramanian Pillai
The Court departed from the strict rule governing the incorporation of arbitration clauses from one contract to another.
By Bill Jamieson
The intent of the exemption is to only cover family members managing funds on behalf of their immediate family members.
By Soo Ling See Tow, Beverly Wee
The Appellant failed on all points of the issues it raised in the appeal and the decision of the High Court was upheld.
By Subramanian Pillai, Jose Tejada, Zi Xiang Leow
SIAC Rules adopt a more top down approach in favour of expediency while the KLRCA Rules focus on greater party autonomy.
By Soo Ling See Tow, Beverly Wee
Ferrero SpA successfully sued the Appellant for trade mark infringement of its NUTELLA trade mark and for passing off.
By Subramanian Pillai, Jose Tejada, Derelyn CHUA
The decision clarified that there are indeed two separate regimes under the SFA with regard to the test of materiality.
By Zi Xiang Leow, Jose Tejada
Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism has become an increasingly attractive means to resolving commercial disputes.
By Subramanian Pillai, Jose Tejada
This article considers the rulings of materiality and trade sensitive information and the analysis underpinning them.
By Hu Huimin
The case of Smile Inc provides helpful clarification as to the scope of claims based on an employee's implied duties.
By Hu Huimin
The article reviews the landmark decision with respect to the forfeiture provision and the restraint of trade doctrine.
By Lisa Theng, Soo Ling See Tow, Edwin Chia
The Court acknowledged the limitations of the IFPA, with the lack of statutory provision for reasonable maintenance.
By Bill Jamieson, Clarence Lun
This case affirms that certain acts of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited are subject to judicial review.
By Subramanian Pillai, Kaushalya Rajathurai
These amendments seek to improve the arbitration process, to enhance Singapore's status in international arbitration.
By Lisa Theng, Ken Chia, Suilyn Yip
This article seeks to examine the effect of non-exclusive jurisdiction clauses in light of a recent Singapore decision.
By Ann Yan
The problem of trademark squatters in China is the direct result of a "first to file" trade mark registration system.