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By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling
Following or in spite of the general downward plunge in cryptocurrency value from the first quarter of 2018, termed by some as the "Great Crypto Crash", many governments and regulators in various countries around the world ...
By Mike Chiam
Entrepreneurs and investors of companies in the early stages of funding, namely pre-Series A and Series A rounds of funding, can now refer to the Venture Capital Investment Model Agreements, which has been launched by the SAL ...
By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling
The offer for sale of digital tokens, also known as initial coin offerings, has been a popular means for blockchain companies and technology companies to access capital by, basically, crowdfunding.
By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling, Ian Phung
Family offices are legal entities that carry out the administration and management of assets and investments of UHNW individuals or families for the purposes of capital preservation, succession planning and managing investments.
By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling
On 24 January 2019, the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") warned a digital token issuer (the "Issuer") not to proceed with its securities token offering in Singapore.
By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling
Exchange Traded Funds are listed funds that track an underlying basket of assets that typically share a similar investment profile, which can be a stock index, commodity, bonds, or any basket of assets.
By Li Fei Quek, Leonard Chua
Crypto firm AriseBank was recently reported to have made false claims, that it was operating a fraudulent Initial Coin Offering.
By Min-Li Tan, Zhi Ni Low
In certain jurisdictions, there may be restrictions on foreign ownership of domestic companies or in respect of certain industries.
By Li Fei Quek, Mike Chiam, Adrian Toh, Samuel Ling, Eng Kiat Loh
This article provides a summary of the changes to the available tax incentives for Qualifying Funds, and their implications for fund managers and family offices in Singapore.
By Bill Jamieson, Ryan Ho
On 1 April 2019, a number of amendments to the employment law landscape in Singapore came into force.
By Bill Jamieson, Ryan Ho
The full list of questions can be found in Annex A of the consultation paper.
By Stephen SOH, Pei Ling Wong
The undertaking will be published in full, but the PDPC will consider redacting commercially confidential matters.
By Subramanian Pillai
The Court departed from the strict rule governing the incorporation of arbitration clauses from one contract to another.
By Bill Jamieson
The intent of the exemption is to only cover family members managing funds on behalf of their immediate family members.
By Soo Ling See Tow, Beverly Wee
The Appellant failed on all points of the issues it raised in the appeal and the decision of the High Court was upheld.