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By Jo Bennett
In a decision issued last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit clarified that a single comment may give rise to a claim of workplace harassment.
By Scott Wenner
The new notice requirement is codified in Section 230.1 of the California Labor Code.
By Stephen Fogdall
The Third Circuit applied this principle to the TCPA in Susinno v. Work Out World Inc.
By Stephen Fogdall
The FDCPA prohibits a "debt collector" from using any "false, deceptive, or misleading representation or means in connection with the collection of any debt," as well as any ...
By Scott Kipnis, Nicholas B. Malito, Jennifer Haberman
The piece discusses best practices for attorneys when negotiating leases for commercial tenants.
By Stephanie A. Short
We thought you might be interested in today's U.S. Supreme Court decision Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court of California.
By Danielle T. Morrison, Laurel Brandstetter
On June 28, 2017, then Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams faced a twenty-nine count indictment with a potential term of imprisonment of at least twenty years.
By Richard Barkasy, Daniel Pereira
This article discusses how recent decisions in New York approving nonmonetary settlements may lead to a shift of shareholder class actions from Delaware to New York.
By Gordon Woodward, Nicole Leach
Schnader's Gordon S. Woodward and Nicole Leach authored the Maryland section of the CLM (Claims and Litigation Management) Construction Law Committee's wiki page for construction claims.
By Poonam Sethi
In American Honda Motor Co., Inc., v. Martinez, et. al., the Superior Court of Pennsylvania upheld the jury's verdict and award of more than $55 million to Plaintiff Carlos Martinez, ...
By Karen Baillie
On April 4, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (which serves three states – Indiana, Illinois and Michigan), ruled that sexual orientation discrimination...
By Jeanne Barnum
Service through social media has come to New Jersey.
By Lilian Loh
Last week in Williams v. Yamaha (No. 15-55924), the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's two separate rulings in favor of defendants:
By Bruce Merenstein, Ben C. Fabens-Lassen
In a recent decision, Board of Supervisors of Willistown Township v. Main Line Gardens, Inc., the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania unanimously held that a party does not waive all issues on appeal...
By Richard Barkasy, Daniel Pereira
Schnader's Richard A. Barkasy and Daniel M. Pereira authored "Will other courts give ‘disclosure only' settlements closer scrutiny like Delaware?" published in Westlaw Journal Delaware Corporate...
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