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Wolf Theiss
By Kurt Retter, Dominik Engel
On 7 May 2019, the Ministry of Economic Affairs published a consultation draft for amendments to those provisions.
By Luka Tadic-Colic
The same companies will also be able to produce/process low THC cannabis for medicinal purposes with the prior approval of HALMED.
By Luka Tadic-Colic
New amendments to the Croatian Companies Act entered into force on 20 April 2019.
By Radoslav Mikov, Oleg Temnikov, Stanislav Cherkezov
The Bill has already passed its first hearing before the Energy committee and the plenary session of the Bulgarian Parliament.
By Anna Rizova, Katerina Novakova, Yanitsa Radeva
The Bill addresses post-Brexit rights of UK nationals in Bulgaria.
By Andreea Stan, Dinu Raducan
Governmental Emergency Ordinance no. 26/2019 entered into force on 23 April 2019 bringing changes to the Romanian Labour Code.
By Christian Mikosch, Dorix Buxbaum
The legislator's final decision on the Directive's implementation is still pending.
By Agnieszka Nowak-Blaszczak, Klaudia Dabrowska
On 3 April 2019, the President of Poland signed the Act of 21 February 2019 on amending certain acts in connection with ensuring the application of the GDPR.
By Dalibor Valinčić, Berislav Drašković
A comprehensive legal regulation of whistleblower protection is being introduced in Croatia with the recently enacted Whistleblower Protection Act ("Act"), which will enter into force on 1 July 2019.
By Claudia Brewi
The Austrian Supreme Court clarified in one of its latest decisions from 12 December 2018 that the criminal courts are not bound to the public prosecutor's legal subsumption of the facts and circumstances in its bill of indictment ...
By Bernhard Schmidt
After three years of negotiations, on 26 March 2019, against considerable reservations and despite Europe-wide protests, the EU Parliament voted for the full implementation of the EU Directive on the harmonization of copyrights ...
By Dalibor Valinčić, Borna Dejanović
In its recent interpretative ruling, the CJEU concluded that a national law cannot retroactively invalidate loan agreements concluded on the territory of an EU Member State with lenders from another Member State.
By Alexander Zollner
As every arbitration institution, the Vienna International Arbitral Centre ("VIAC"), too, recommends a certain model arbitration clause to be agreed upon by parties intending to submit their disputes to VIAC.
By Valerie Hohenberg, Florian Pechhacker
The authors are currently representing a client in proceedings regarding the enforcement and recognition of a SCC Award under the New York Convention in Austria.
By Patrick Winter
In one of its recent decisions, the Austrian Supreme Court dealt with the so-called "false father regress", and the question whether it is legally compliant to claim back maintenance payments made in the erroneous belief that a child is one's own child.
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