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Wolf Theiss
By Wolf Theiss
In this edition of the IP/IT Newsticker, we take a closer look into the changes that the Directive brought along.
By Niklas Schmidt, Eva Stadler, Michał Kulig, Anna Sękowska, Melanie Dimitrov, János Pásztor, Cynthia Pfister
Summer has already arrived - this means it's time for the next issue of our International Tax Newsletter. In this edition, we have included major updates from the CEE/SEE region.
By Agnieszka Nowak-Blaszczak, Paulina Przewoznik
Due to the implementation of GDPR, new provisions have been added to the Polish Labor Code ("Act") which, among others, regulate the monitoring of employees. We present information...
By János Pásztor
A Kormány 2018. június 19-én nyújtotta be 2019-es adótörvény módosítási csomagját, amely több területen is jelentős változásokat irányoz elő.
By Maria Maxim, Oana Chiosea
On 27 June 2018 the legislative proposal for implementing the GDPR measures in Romania was adopted by the Romanian Parliament.
By Maria Maxim, Oana Chiosea
On 24 June Law no. 129/2018 entered into force.
By János Tóth
The new Hungarian Government has submitted its draft act setting out the rules to enable screening of foreign acquisitions of certain Hungarian strategic companies engaged in providing strategic services ...
By Anna Rizova, Ralitsa Lachezarova
As of May 2018 the new Ordinance on the Rules and Requirements for Creation and Storage of Electronic Documents at the Employee's File (the 'Ordinance') ...
By Nataša Lalović Marić, Miroslav Stojanovic
On 25 May 2018 the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted the anticipated Law on the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (the "Law").
By Bryan W. Jardine, Ligia Popescu, Andreea Zvac
On 4 June 2018, the Romanian Official Gazette published Government Emergency Ordinance, which had been approved since 24 May 2018, regarding amendments and supplements...
By Valerie Hohenberg, Florian Pechhacker
Welcome to the 10th edition of the DRInsider, the quarterly Newsletter of the Wolf Theiss Dispute Resolution Group. We provide an overview of recent developments in CEE/SEE and some very interesting case law.
By Przemysław Kozdój, Tomasz Stasiak, Michał Kulig, Klaudia Dabrowska
To counteract tax evasion, Polish authorities have recently introduced legislation (the Act) and digital systems allowing tax authorities to analyze banking systems, search for potential fraud...
By Ralf Peschek, Barnabás Buzási
May employers in Serbia access their staff's e-mails and what happens if employees in Romania record conversations with their managers or HR professionals?
By Melanie Dimitrov
The Ministry of Finance has published an EAS ruling dealing with the question of whether the home office of an employee resident in Austria may constitute a permanent establishment for its German employer.
By Eva Stadler
Pursuant to the Austrian Supreme Administrative Court, for the purposes of the provision stipulating a forfeiture of tax loss carry-forwards ...
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