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By Iain Drummond, Kate Gillies
The sub-contract between Vinci Construction UK Limited (Vinci) and Beumer Group UK Limited for Beumer to install a baggage handling system at Gatwick Airport has spawned multiple disputes, with seven adjudications,,,
By Andrew Kinnes
The Inner House has refused an appeal against a commercial judge's order that developers discharge a standard security granted in terms of an option agreement that had been lawfully terminated.
By John MacKenzie
Delighted to be published in the New Law Journal, looking at how the recent reforms around group proceedings, damages based agreement and litigation funding might play out in Scotland.
By Patricia Hawthorn
The renewables sector in Scotland has every reason to be cheerful based on announcements this week confirming May 2019 for the next auction for Contracts for Difference and further auctions every two years.
By Jacqueline Moore, Neil Maclean, Katie Russell
One of the most pressing issues for employers in relation to Brexit is immigration and the rights of EU citizens following the UK's exit from the EU.
By Claire Stockford
In 2015 Google changed its corporate motto from "Don't be evil" to "Do the right thing".
By Natasha Durkin
The developing legal approach in the UK to medical cannabis highlights the problems law makers have in responding adequately to clinical and technological advances: especially those that challenge conventional views.
By Jacqueline Moore, Peter Misselbrook
With Brexit looming, and many of our clients already feeling its effects, the firm is delighted to have hired Jacqueline Moore, an immigration law specialist.
By Ann Stewart
Scotland's land is some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world, so it's no surprise investors of all types want to acquire land and buildings in Scotland.
By Adam Bushnell
In this article we will take a closer look at the recent controversy surrounding Articles 11 and 13 and explain its importance to individuals and businesses alike.
By Richard Leslie, Peter Misselbrook
The recent Scottish Lands Tribunal case, Audrey Mackay and Craig Mackay v Eve Dickinson LTS/LR/2017/12
By Eben Wilson
In the last in a series of articles, economist Eben Wilson (St Andrews) proposes that the time to seek legislation that privatises personal identity is now.
By Claire Stockford
In 2015 Google changed its corporate motto from "Don't be evil" to "Do the right thing".
By Natasha Durkin
The new lobbying rules in Scotland do not just apply to professional lobbyists.
By Eben Wilson
In the third of a series of articles, political economist Eben Wilson (St Andrews) explores how law can support economic principle in the world of big data to help protect consumers.
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