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By Erica Wiking Hager, Carolina Dackö
The following cybersecurity overview covers six jurisdictions (the US, the EU, Germany, France, Australia and Mexico).
By Anna Duvander
A company (the "Company") had been undertaking real estate development projects and its subsidiary (the "Subsidiary") had been contracted to perform building operations in relation to these development projects.
By Bita Poumotamed
An employer denied an employee, who was on annual leave, the right to deduct four days of the annual leave when the employee’s child had been sick and the employee was entitled to leave with temporary parental allowance pursuant to the Parental Leave Act.
By Kerstin Kamp-Wigforss
The Ministry of Employment is proposing a new Act on European Works Councils which will replace the current act from 6 June 2011.
By Lena Wåglöf
A company (the "Company") which conducted a cleaning operation had, since the cleaning assignments had decreased, been affected by shortage of work which resulted in four employees being made redundant.
By Lena Wåglöf
An IT-consulting company (the "Company") claimed at the District Court that the Court should prohibit a former employee (the "Employee") from running a certain business with a conditional fine and also claimed (i) damages due to breach of the non-compete obligation that the Employee had entered into in connection with the signing of the employment contract, and (ii) damages due to breach of the Protection of Trade Secrets Act.
By Kajsa Nilsson
On 1 May 2010 new rules on the coordination of social security systems within the European Union started to apply by the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 and No 987/2009.
By Cecilia Lönn
Two Muslim women, who wore head cloths, were employed as temporary receptionists at a non-profit sports club (the "Sports Club").
By Tommy Pettersson
By Stefan Lindeborg
By Stefan Lindeborg